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January 24, 2013

How I told Papi about Baby Bird 2

This video will always crack me up! I promised Brian that I would always announce our pregnancies to him in fun and unique ways... and of course that I would video his reaction (you can see the first video here). While it was a surprise to Brian when I told him we were pregnant with Vivienne, we were trying so he wasn't completely shocked. In this video, I can't help but laugh as it is sooo obvious to see the confusion and shock sink in! It was family day, so we planned on snuggling and watching a movie over breakfast while Vivienne napped and then we were going to go to Grand Avenue for the Grand Meander. I told Brian that our breakfast had a little theme that he needed to guess. And this is his shock...

And because I have gotten a million questions about this pregnancy, here is your Baby Bird FAQ:

What is your official due date?
As of right now (we haven't had any ultrasounds), it is August 11th. 

How are you feeling?
Meh. I know I wasn't pregnant all that long ago, but oh how easy it is to forget how the first trimester goes. I didn't get too sick with Vivienne, and I can't say I'm all that sick now. Just a general yuckiness and complete exhaustion. I know I was tired with Viv, I fell asleep in the Target parking lot. But caring for and nursing a baby AND being pregnant is something else! When Vivi naps, Mommy naps. Also, just like last time, my gag reflex is much stronger. Brushing my teeth is now a luxury reserved for when I am going out haha. I am also feeling huge already! It's absolutely true that you show sooner with your second. And I'll go one step further and say you show even sooner when you're pregnant twice in a year haha. I'll be a whale come August. Which doesn't sound exciting. It sounds hot. And swollen.

Will you find out the gender this time?
Nope! It was so much fun when they pulled the baby out and Brian said, "It's VIVIENNE!" So we have decided to keep it a surprise once again!
Have you you picked names? Will you share them?
The jury is still out on this one. We are keeping Crosby for our boys name. While we have talked about a potential girls name, we just can't quite agree. We both have strong opinions about the name, but love the same nickname haha. Not sure when/if we'll agree!

Any weird cravings or food aversions?
With Viv, all I wanted was BEEF! All. The. Time! In my first trimester I couldn't even stand the thought of Chicken, Eggs, or Mexican food. And I couldn't eat ice-cream or much sweets the whole time. So far with Baby Bird 2, I haven't had one major craving. Pretty much nothing sounds good. Especially if I had to cook it. Several times now, I've made dinner and only Brian and Viv eat it while I end up eating Ramen. Just like last time, though, Orange Juice is the most amazing this I've ever tasted! Another bummer is that Baby Bird doesn't seem to like coffee. WHAAA! It's doesn't make me sick, it just sounds and smells soooo unappetizing! And if I even have a sip, the flavor sticks in my mouth forever. Ew. I'm hoping this is a first trimester phenomenon and I'll enjoy my coffee dates again soon.

Was this a surprise? Are you excited to have two small babies?
Yes! Very much a surprise. And, yes! After the shock wore off, we were and are very excited to have another Baby Bird in our family. I think we are headed into a tough time of adjustment, but the Lord is gracious and we are thankful for this blessing even though we didn't plan it out quite this way. Proverbs 19:21- Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.

Will you have another c-section?
Yes. Since the babies are relatively close in age, there is an even higher risk of uterine scar rupture. Something that, while it may not happen, the thought of caring for a 15 month old while recovering from a rupture AND having a newborn sounds awful! Recovery from the c-section wasn't all that bad and now I know what to expect. Plus, it's kind of fun to pick out baby's birthday and be able to tell family exactly when to fly up and have plans for Vivienne to be watched. I'm not a super big "planner", but it's nice to not have it all up in the air! Date to be announced soon.

Will you take weekly photos with the fruit this time?
Apparently not haha. I'm finishing my 11th week and haven't taken a single one yet. I want to do something special for Baby Bird, but a weekly photo session and editing seems daunting. You can plan on seeing updates every 2-4 weeks... Starting soon!

Have you told Vivienne?
Haha, yes! She took it pretty well too, haha. I have no idea how she is going to react to a new baby. She'll be pretty young (15 months), but old enough to know that she is sharing her Mommy. Right now we practice patting my tummy and saying, "Baby". She laughs like it's a game. But she won't be laughing when she has no more lap to sit on and mommy can't carry her as much haha.We also bought her a baby stuffed animal. She loved to play hide and seek with her and to give her kisses!

Will you still be doing photography?
Yep! My last wedding will actually be just two weeks before the baby's birth! I'm totally crazy! I'm not going to accept any more summer weddings and I'll try to keep my Autumn light.
Are you guys going to move?
We have a two bedroom apartment, so I think that we should be ok for a while yet. As long as we don't have anymore surprises for a bit! The big question now is, will Viv be ready for a big girl bed around 18 months? Veteran moms and totally chime in on that. Baby Bird will be in a cradle in our room for the first few months, but then we were hoping that Viv would be ready to sleep in a big girl bed and Baby Bird would go in the crib. It's all so easy in my mind haha. Yes, I'm naive.

And I think that about sums up the questions we've been asked a lot. Feel free to leave a comment with one if you have one!

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