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January 3, 2012

Baby Bird will be named...

One day when I was about 12 weeks pregnant, Brian and I were on a road trip and I mentioned how we should probably start to talk about names for the baby. I meant that we had some time... as in a few months to decide. Brian decided that we should just make a decision right there on the spot. We had chatted about our favorite baby names (a favorite past time of mine) since we got married, so we had a general list to work from. In fact, my sister Stacey and I have had a running list of our favorite names since I was sixteen years old. Within ten minutes of discussion, Brian and I had decided on our favorite boy's and girl's name and thus Baby Bird was named! I never thought it would be that easy! Since we have told our families and several of our dear friends, Brian has finally given me permission to share our names with ALL! Consider this a late Christmas present to you!

Since Baby Bird is due near Easter, we really wanted to choose names that were meaningful. Both names are our prayers for the child. We settled on Crosby Giuseppe Johnson for a boy. Crosby means "dwelling near the cross". Our prayer is that Crosby would cherish the Lord and love the fact that Jesus came to die on the cross in order to eternally save sinners such as him. We chose Giuseppe as a middle name in memory of Brian's brother Joey who passed away a few years ago. Giuseppe is Italian for Joseph.
We chose Vivienne Ruth Johnson for our girls name. Vivienne means "full of life". Our prayer for Vivienne is that she would love the Lord Jesus as her Savior and be full of eternal life that springs up out of her as she shares that joy with others! We chose Ruth for a middle name after my mom's mom, Grandma Ruth. She is my only living Grandma and loves the Lord dearly. I can't wait for Vivienne to meet her great-grandma namesake in Grandma Ruth! We also love that Ruth is a Godly women from the Bible and that the name means "friend".
While we have no idea the gender of the baby, it is fun to think that someday we will meet either Crosby or Vivienne! Brian says he is going to use that as motivation for me when I am in the throws of painful labor by saying, "I wonder who will come out? Crosby or Vivienne!" We had a friend who didn't know the gender of their baby but had a boy's and girl's name picked out. She said that as she was pregnant, her and her husband would switch between the boys and girls name when talking to the baby. This made her feel sad when only one of "them" came out! So, while we have our names picked out, we are still calling the baby Baby Bird (or "squirmy" as of late) so that we keep in mind that we are only having one kid haha.

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