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December 25, 2011

25 weeks! Christmas!

Christmas is here! This was a big mental landmark for me. For some reason, I have been saying that once Christmas comes and passes, then Baby Bird will be coming right around the corner! This is partially true. While we still have 3.5 months still Baby Bird's grand entrance, I think that the holiday season and the turning of the year to 2012 make it seem like baby will be here before we know it! We still have so much EVERYTHING to do! We need to take birthing classes and visit the hospital and get a make-shift nursery ready in our tiny apartment. One thing is for sure, Baby Bird got the goods this Christmas! Mama & Papa Pitman were so excited to have us and Baby Bird here in CA for Christmas, that Baby Bird got the most gifts! He/she got lots of adorable onesies, the softest stuffed racoon ever, and a Baby Björn carrier so we can snuggle baby close when we're on the go. Brian is really excited to go on campus to meet with guys "Hangover style" with the baby in the front pack haha. We had lots of fun with Mommy and Daddy and Stacey and Aunt Vicki. We got Aunt Vicki a really fun Dodger Gnome that she was so excited about. Mommy and Daddy got FOUR new games (two new settlers) that we are excited to try before we leave tomorrow. Plus, they also got a White Christmas DVD and Tangled in 3D! We watched Avatar in 3D this week! I wish we had time to do it all! We are so thankful to have a wonderful family that we enjoying spending time with. It actually makes it so hard to leave. Next time we see them I will either be a ginormous preggo, or we'll have a newborn! Wow!

We got to spend time with our good friends Tim and Stephenny and their boys Solomon and Delano. We've already decided that if Baby Bird is a boy, they will all be best friends. If Baby Bird is a girl, she'll have her pick of the boys to marry. A win-win situation! We've gotten quite used to this lovely 70 degree weather we've been having here in Southern California and aren't really looking forward to the frozen tundra. Especially after all the lattes Mommy, Stacey & I have enjoyed in the sunshine!

This next week, Brian and I will be traveling 18 hrs by coach bus with over 200 college students to Chattanooga, TN for a National Conference with Campus Outreach. There will be 5000 college students there! I am a little nervous for the long bus ride considering I am a hair shy of 6 months pregnant. Hopefully, I don't get to sore and restless and can sleep on the bus! One blessing (?) is that there will at least be a bathroom on the bus!

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