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January 12, 2013

9 months!

9 months old! In two days, Vivienne will have been outside my womb as long as she was in. That's crazy! (Especially since someone else is living in there now!?!?)

To say that a lot has happened in the last month is an understatement! Vivienne had just started crawling last month, but she is FAST now! Like, can't look away for a second before she's making a bee line toward to bathroom for the plunger... EW! Needless to say, the bathroom door is always closed now. She has a unique crawl and always has her left leg up. She crawls on her hands and one knee, while the other one pushes more upright. We call it her peg leg crawl. I think it helps her go from crawling to sitting super easily because one leg is always forward and one is back. She is also pulling up to stand on EVERYTHING! In fact, she isn't happy unless she is standing. She'll stand a few seconds on her own, but prefers to have at least one hand holding on to something. She also loves to walk holding our hands or pants haha.
Shooting her 9 month photos was the most challenging by far! She was clapping, standing, and crawling all over the place! Busy Vivi!

At nine months, Vivi loves:
  • Clapping! Grammie played patty-cake so many times with Viv over Christmas that she picked up clapping. Now, she does it all the time! Especially when she is excited or super happy. Whenever Papi comes home from work, she bounces in excitement and claps her hands while squealing. It warms my heart like no other!
  • Food! We have yet to find a food that Vivienne won't eat! In fact, we've even been trying lots of spices and herbs in hopes that she will make a funny face. Nothing! We've tried: pickles, curry roasted chickpeas, mustard and egg yokes, hot sauce on chicken, Chipotle, limes, olives, clementines... she loves them all! Her particular favorites are: clementines, bananas, yogurt, broccoli, dried fruit, CHEESE!
  • Crawling! She is quite tickled that she is on the move. She follows me from room to room as I clean or cook. She also loves to hear Papi call her from her room. She squeals and crawls feverishly to find where he is. Adorbs!
  • Standing! She has skinny legs... but strong legs! Wonder if she will walk early?
  • Paci and Roxie the raccoon. Naptime and bedtime are so easy because she loves to snuggle with her little friend and paci. She rubs Roxie on her face, grips her arm and then nuzzles her head in my neck and she's out in less that 2 mins! Her sleeping schedule is pretty consistent. Bedtime at 7:30pm. Wakes up at 5:30-6am to nurse, then sleeps until 8-8:30am. Morning nap at 10am and afternoon nap at 2pm.
  • Bottles. I am still nursing her as much as possible, but nursing while pregnant is beyond exhausting! Plus my supply is waning. So Viv gets a bottle of formula a day to supplement. She nearly hyperventilates from excitement when she sees me putting a bottle together. And her eyes roll back in complete bliss as she drinks. Hilarious! 
  • Books! Specifically her glitter word book from Aunt Bethany. We put her books on the bottom shelf in the living room and she crawls over several times a day to pull out a book at look through the pictures. She also sits quietly for 3-4 books in a row as we read to her. She touches every page. 
  • Drinking from a straw. She got a straw sippy cup for Christmas and now thinks anything with a straw is hers. Including my water from Starbucks (Baby Bird doesn't like when I drink coffee... sad day! So I get lots of water when we go out now).
 At nine months, Vivi doesn't like:
  • When we leave the room. She likes to know where we are at all times. She's fine playing on her own as long as she knows where we are.
  • When she forgets how to sit back down after she's been standing. She can usually figure it out, but sometimes she thinks she's stuck. So funny!
  • When we say "no, no!" She totally understands the meaning, but some things are just too tempting and it's hard to hear no. She also really hates when we take things away that she wants.
  • Boogers! Mn gets dry in the winter, which means boogies! She snorts them in and out until she snot rockets one out. Super gross! She hates when we try to wipe her nose (or her face after eating).

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