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September 17, 2015

Sioux Falls

My parents have lived a mere 4 hours away for a few months now and we finally made a family trip to visit their new house! Road trips with two toddlers aren't easy. They certainly weren't awful, but that last hour was no picnic. At least this third trimester pregnant Mama and her two year old have the same size bladder... potty stops were a plenty! We gladly made it to Sioux Falls just in time for a quick lunch and nap time which reset everyone's systems to normal. We toured the town, visited my parents new church, play at parks and nature centers and visited the zoo. The girls LOVED seeing the flamingos and tiger up close. They danced with joy when the saw a foxie. They thought the reindeer that tooted was funny and stinky. And Viv was grossly fascinated by me describing buffalo chips... aka poop haha. The highlight was feeding the goats. The lowlight was being chased by 10,000 bee's on our picnic lunch. All in all a fun trip! And a super fun visit to the zoo!

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