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September 7, 2015

30 weeks

Remember when I said I was going to try to take pregnancy update photos every now and then? Apparently, I meant about once a trimester haha. Can't believe we are already in our third trimester and are starting a 10 week countdown! Our sweet girl will be here before we know it! We had a wedding this weekend, so before we left, we snapped a few photos in the front yard in our pretty dresses. Viv and Lu make me swoon with their hugs and smiles! I can't help but feel all ooey gooey and hormonal when I picture our third sweet girl in photos with these two!
Gender: Girl
Name: Edith Clementine
Size of baby: Coconut

Maternity clothes: Absolutely all the time. If I'm not in maternity clothes, I'm hovering in front of a box fan in my underwear trying to cope with this summer heat and humidity. Can't wait for Autumn!
Sleep: Sleep is no picnic. I am surrounded by 7 pillows. Which makes the 2 times a night I get up to pee even more difficult. And, as I said before, it's summer and it's hot. Can't wait for Autumn!
Best moment this month: Our 7th anniversary, Lulu's 2nd birthday, and lots of family fun at the pool and local ice cream stand.
Worst moment this month: A double wedding weekend and then a day at the State Fair. Totally fun memories, but my body sure isn't happy!
Miss anything: Cold beer. I would LOVE to sit out on our patio and have a bonfire with hubs while we enjoy a cold beer after the girls are in bed.
Cravings: Phô, Sushi, ice ice ICE water.
Aversions: Eggplant
Queasy or sick: Not really. But I have caught a few nasty colds in the past couple months. Must have low immunity in this pregnancy.
Vivi & Lulu reactions: They fight over hugging and kissing my belly. When I leave, Viv kisses Edie and says goodbye to her like I don't exist haha. Lulu is sad my lap is disappearing and that I can't carry her as often, but she is excited to see the new baby. Vivi is still obsessed with my baby apps on my phone. Her favorite part is watching the animated and real life pregnancy and birth video clips. I was hesitant to show her some of the birth ones, but one day she asked if Edie was going to crawl out my mouth when she's big enough to come out. So we had an age appropriate conversation and I showed her a video. She TOTALLY loved it! She asks to watch the baby be born almost every day. And she says she "can't wait to hug and squeeze and hold and kiss Edie" everyday. So fun! We also got Edie a little squirrel stuffed animal for her special snuggle friend. So both girls like to point out the squirrels in the yard to their baby sister haha.
Looking forward to: Can't wait for Autumn! Cool weather, colorful trees, pumpkin everything, hot coffee, sweaters, scarves, and boots! Yay!

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