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June 1, 2015

15 weeks pregnant!

 I used to think that people we exaggerating when they said that the more kids you have, the less pictures you take of "milestones". As a photographer I simply couldn't imagine that to be true! When I was pregnant with Vivienne, I took weekly photos starting at 9 weeks! When pregnant with Lucielle, I took photos a few times a month beginning at 12 weeks. I am currently 15 weeks pregnant with Baby Bird #3 and these are the first photos we're taken haha. I will certainly not guarantee regular updates and photos, but I love pregnancy and definitely want to remember all the highs and lows, so I'm going to try!

We found out we were pregnant the beginning of April. It was no April Fools joke haha. While super excited, it caught us off guard once again. I'll post the video of me telling Brian haha. Poor guy never seems to see it coming haha. I felt totally normal for a couple weeks and naively thought maybe this pregnancy would be different? Aka... a boy?

But no. The extreme and utter exhaustion soon kicked in. The kind that made me nap 2 hours in the afternoon and sleep 12 hours a night and STILL FEEL TIRED! Then the nausea came. I can't complain too much with so many dear friends who get morning sickness so bad. But it just stinks to not feel yourself. The thought of coffee, chicken, eggs and sugar made my stomach roll. Ice Ice Ice water with lots of lemon is pretty much what got me through the first trimester. I am finally able to drink and enjoy coffee again (yay!). I could eat mountains of meat and super salty popcorn. Sweets still make me feel icky. And I crave ramen noodles haha. I can't decide if this first trimester was worse than my pregnancies with the girls or just felt worse cus I was chasing two toddlers this time. But just like with the girls, the second the second trimester arrived, I started feeling better. Literally almost overnight! Crazy!

Vivi and Lulu have known about the baby since the beginning. They are over the moon excited! Lulu loves to point to the baby and kiss my belly. Vivi is really into knowing how big the baby is, snuggling my belly and talking to baby first thing in the morning, and watching baby in utero animations on my pregnancy apps. She loves to tell everyone that her mommy has a baby in her tummy and tells everyone it's a girl haha. Only time will tell! That's right, we are going to find out this time! Brian claims he needs a couple months to prepare emotionally if it's another girl, but he's so so so good with Vivi and Lulu that I just know another one would be awesome! A boy would be fantastic too but I'm sorta in the opposite boat as Brian. I need to prepare if it's a boy! Switching it up would be so weird! Plus, I know girls and have so much girl stuff. The Lord only knows and we can't wait to find out the beginning of July.

The fun of pregnancy is just beginning. I am feeling better and have more energy. I actually look pregnant haha. And I am feeling baby kicks. So fun! We haven't gotten to hear the heartbeat yet because baby is so wiggly squirmy. Each time they haven't found it at an appointment, they bring in the ultrasound machine and I get a peek at Baby Bird! Today he/she waved at me :) While I would love to hear the heartbeat, it has been really nice to see Baby Bird so many times in ultrasound because at 9 weeks I had some significant bleeding that made us all really nervous. Turns out it was nothing, but so scary just the same!

I will say that having three kids in three years really stretches out a tummy and I am showing and feeling way more pregnant at this point than before haha. We will see how quickly I start getting "twins?!" comments from strangers haha.

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