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May 29, 2015

21 months

At 21 months, Lulu:
  • is a sweet little joy and a feisty little tyrant haha. She has totally discovered her self-will and is expressing her independence as often as she can. That being said, some of that expression displays itself in tantrums, and some in random sweet kisses and snuggles. She surely is sugar and spice and we love her dearly!
  • is fully potty trained! I have no diapers to change until November when baby three comes! She did so great with potty training. We did a three day bootcamp type training that worked well with Vivi. We were pleased to see it work again! Lulu may have even picked up on being pee potty trained faster than Viv, but going poo took a little more effort and bribing haha. But thanks to a bite of ice-cream (Lulu's favorite treat) after a successful poo, Lulu has gotten the hang of using the potty for everything. Yay! She is even dry for most naps and bedtime. Potty training is so stressful and crazy for those three days, but once it's done, it's totally worth the effort!
  • is learning how to push Vivi's buttons. Which kinda seems like payback for the last 21 months of not being able to stand up for herself haha. The playing field seems to be evening out. And while they have their moments of crazy bickering and fighting, for the most part, they are the cutest best buddies who can't stand to be apart and hug joyfully at any reunion... even after naps haha.
  • Lulu and Vivi love to play pretend and Lulu's imagination is really taking off. She is starting to move out of parallel play and into interactive play much to the joy of Vivi. Their favorite game is to play "ice-cream shop". They make pretend ice cream cones and pick flavors and thoroughly enjoy pretending to eat them. 
  • Her curls are growing and becoming more curly the hotter and more humid it gets. And it's finally long enough to put in curly piggy tails or a whale spout up top. 
  • Sings "Let it Go" constantly, busies herself in the car trying to learn more lyrics, and requests to watch Frozen, dress up as Anna, or play "Do you want to build a Snowman" with Vivi inside a room with the door closed at least daily haha. Obsessed haha.
  • has become a chatty kid! She is always talking. And it's loud! And half unintelligible. And she earnestly looks into our eyes as she goes on and on as if we know exactly what she is saying haha. 3/4 of the time we do, and the other 1/4 we giggle at her adoable-ness. 
  • runs everywhere. She doesn't walk. And she's quite lead footed so we can always hear her coming haha. In fact, she literally run circles and circles around Vivi at least once a day.
  • Her favorite places to go are: the library, the mall, target, trader joe's, the park and Conny's Creamy Cone down the street. 
  • She loves colors and asks often "what's this?" as she points to colors. She also like to count but just says "7 8 7 8 7 8" over and over haha. 
  • She is our comfort kid. She really likes when she knows what to expect and she likes things to be comfortable. Specifically, she like to read the same books over and over, and likes to know where her blankey and Foxie are at all times.... in case she needs them.
  • She is very, very into babies (yay!). She like to pat their backs and say "It's ok baby!". She also likes to do what she calls "helping" and put pacifiers back in babies mouths. I really hope Baby Bird 3 likes a paci or she'll be devastated that she can't help the way she wants to haha.

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