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June 28, 2015

18 weeks

How far along: 18 weeks

Gender: ???
Size of baby: a sweet potato

Maternity clothes: Um yes! I pretty much got a positive pregnancy test and pulled out the maternity clothes haha. Three kids in three years will do that to a belly. I have been loving having a baby bump in summer. While it's been hot, I have been feeling most comfortable in knit dresses and maxi skirts. 
Sleep: Sleep is much better these days. I seem to be mostly over the horrible insomnia of the first trimester. It lasted all pregnancy with Lucielle, so I'm counting my blessings!
Best moment this month: Getting to visit California one last time before my parents moved to South Dakota. While we were there for the sad purpose of my Aunts funeral, we did get to squeeze in some fun times swimming, seeing the beach, and a trip to Disneyland... by far the best day there!
Worst moment this month: Traveling, traveling and more traveling! Flying solo at 5am with two toddlers (one freshly potty trained)! And then all the mini road trips in and our of LA. And finally, a three day monster of a cross country road trip from the west coast to the mid west. The girls did great, I'm not too terribly pregnant to be painful, but in general, traveling is uncomfortable and a necessary evil.
Miss anything: Wine. I don't even drink it often when not pregnant, but something about the smell and taste is so appealing now! Must be the whole "forbidden fruit" thing haha. Same goes with sushi! A California Roll only satisfies so much.
Movement: Started feeling movement around 15 weeks. Very light flutters, but still recognizable. They are just now picking up in strength and frequency. I saw my first kick from the outside this week!
Cravings: Sushi, ice ice ICE water with lemons, salads, jerky, and peaches.
Aversions: Scrambled eggs
Queasy or sick: Feeling much better. Back to my normal self! I did have to take some antibiotics due to a tick bite (ew! Unbelievably creepy!!) which made me nauseous. But now, great! Gotta love the second trimester! Heartburn, however, is a different story. I'm already getting it from the simplest thing... like water! Ugh!
Vivi & Lulu reactions: Viv is constantly holding and kissing my belly. She tells everyone about the baby in my tummy. She needs to snuggle the baby and say "good morning" first thing everyday. She is fascinated by everything pregnancy and is always asking how big the baby is and requests to watch the animated pregnancy updates on my pregnancy apps. She surprised me by asking about how the baby gets both food and blood through the umbilical cord. Lulu likes to put balloons or balls under her dresses and say "twinsies!" haha. She is also fascinated with showing me she now knows the difference between pointing to "baby" and "booby" haha. She's also a big fan of my "belly butt" (belly button) as it is starting to stick out a bit.
Looking forward to: Deciding on a name... and finding out the GENDER! Only one week left!
Gender predictions: Viv is convinced baby is a girl and offers many name suggestions... most of which are foods haha. Lulu also thinks it's a "baby sissy". Probably because she has no idea what a brother is haha. I have gut feeling it's a girl as well. But I was utterly and emphatically convinced Viv was a boy until they pulled her out (big shock!). I was spot on with Lulu. So I only have a 50% success rate thus far. Brian has yet to make a formal prediction other that to say "If we are having a third girl in three years, I need a few months to process and prepare". Hence why we are finding out the gender this time haha.

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