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July 18, 2015

Laguna Beach

Ever since our short visit to the beach in Santa Cruz, Vivi had been asking to go back to the beach in her swim suit so she could "get all in" the water. Since I have no idea when we will get back to the ocean, I knew we had to make time for it. Once we got suits and sunscreen on, we headed toward to ocean. I knew Lulu would be hesitant like before. The piles of seaweed on the beach didn't help haha. She kept saying they were monsters haha. Vivi was unsure as well, but had her goal in sight... swimming! As we got closer to the water, we saw thousands of tiny red tuna crab! They had washed up on shore because of El NiƱo. They looked like tiny baby lobsters wiggling around. I was a little creeped out. Viv was scared. Lulu was absolutely terrified! She kept crying and trying to climb up higher and higher in my arms until she was up on my shoulder. Mom and I got the nervous giggles. Once we passed the Tuna Crab, the water was clear and cold and Viv enjoyed a quick dip before she decided she was done haha. All in all a hilarious experience.
 Pointing out the Tuna Crab haha.
 Lulu enjoyed the sand from a safe distance away from the waves, seaweed and crab.
By far Lulu's favorite part of the day... washing up and playing with the shower.

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