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April 10, 2015


We had a lovely Easter this year. It is the most precious holiday to celebrate because we LOVE Jesus Christ! It was a joy to teach the girls about why we celebrate Easter and to hear Vivi re-tell the story in her own words is just precious! "We have Easter because Jesus died (frowny face). BUT He is still alive now! Cus He loves us! (jumping in excitement)." Pretty adorable! And she reminded me of the simplicity of it all. Amazing how easy it is for a child to comprehend and accept, yet as an adult I find myself wrestling with theology I don't understand, feeling inadequate and unequipped to accept the free gift the Lord gave us and to share it with others. But it really is as simple as Vivi said. Jesus died. He is now ALIVE! And he did it because He loved us. He died for us. A wonderful and amazing truth! Praise the Lord for Easter!

We had a simple day. Auntie Stacey went to church with us. We went to pizza for lunch with friends. We all took an awesome afternoon nap haha. And then the girls had their first egg hunt. One of my favorite perks of owning a home is having a YARD! While it's not quite warm enough to enjoy all the time, I am longing for hours and hours of fresh air and sunshine! Since it was a bit chilly, we hid a couple Reese's chocolate eggs and one big egg for each girl. It lasted about 5 mins and Vivi was very sweet in helping Lulu and making sure they had the same number. They girls were pretty thrilled to find pink flamingo nightgowns inside the big egg. Such sweeties.... we love them!
 Lulu didn't have the unwrap the candy concept quite down and ate the foil haha
 And we found our first little green surprises growing in our yard! I wonder what they'll be!?

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