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January 4, 2014


We just returned from a fantastic time in Sunny Southern California for the holidays. It was so fun... and so busy! Traveling by plane with two "lap children" was interesting. Both girls did surprisingly well. It helped that we ended up in the same row with an extra seat! It also helped that we had snacks and iPhone apps galore for Viv. It's hard for a 20 month old to sit still for nearly 4 hours! Lulu was a sweet and snuggly as can be. "Lucky" for me, I was able to get up and stretch my legs for each of Lulu's three diaper blow outs. Ugh! So glad I pack enough diapers and changes of clothes!

We arrived in LA in the evening with enough time to grab some In N Out before the drive to Grammie and Grampa's home in Yucaipa. The next morning we woke crazy early for the long drive back to LA to go to Disneyland! This was the only day our sweet friend could let us in, so two long days in a row were totally worth it! We only wish Caitlin was able to spend more time with us at the Park. Of course, I had to dress the girls like little Minnie Mouse's. Viv was so excited! She loved her ears and bow haha. Caitlin got the girls the CUTEST Minnie sweatshirts that were perfect for the chilly evenings at Disneyland. I pretty much kissed that girls all day because they were so cute!!!

We went on a few rides. Both girls LOVED Small World the best. Vivienne enjoyed seeing the characters from afar, but got nervous up close. At the end of the night, we saw Mickey and she said, "Mickey! Hi Mickey! I watch your show! I like you!" It was so sweet and she even was brave enough to give him a hug and pose for a picture!

A double stroller was key to a successful day. Viv and Lulu took naps in it like a mobile bunk bed. Viv loved to walk, but she's still young so she needed a stroller too. Yet another day that I am SO thankful that my Birthday/Mother's Day/Anniversary gift was a Baby Jogger City Select Stroller!

We stayed at Disney as long as the girls lasted and then met up with Grammie and Aunt Stacey at Downtown Disney outside the park because Stacey just flew in that night.
 Smiling at Minnie Mouse
 Disneyland at Christmas is so fun!!!

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