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January 10, 2014

5 months!

I am interrupting the California posts (tho there is still more!) so celebrate 5 months with this little lady! Lucielle is the cutest little butterball! When you see her in person, you can't resist kissing her cheeks and squeezing her belly. The best part is, do either and you will be rewarded with a smile and maybe a giggle on a good day. There were many firsts this month: first plane right, first solid foods, first Christmas, first laughs and first time sitting. A little bit about little Lulu:
  • As I mentioned, Lulu did well on the plane. Lots of pooping on the way there (ugh!) but slept the entire flight on the way back (yay!).
  • She tried her first food (post to come). Avocado! Mostly for the sake of tasting something new. I doubt she actually swallowed more than a spoonful. But it's a start!
  • Lulu was so cute at her first Christmas. She may have napped through most of it, but she watched wide-eyed as Viv ran around the room handing out and opening presents.
  • She just started laughing real full giggles! All Mommy did was say "boo!" while changing her diaper and Lulu erupted in the most delightful round of giggles! Needless to say, Mommy said boo 50,000 more times and basked in the most glorious sound of first laughs!
  • During this 5 month photo session, Lulu decided to show me she could sit up! So fun!
  •  Lulu is sleeping better! Praise the Lord! At the beginning of the month she was waking every 2-3 hours and wouldn't go back to sleep unless she ate. Awful! Something changed on our trip and she starting sleeping a lot more! One night she even slept 11 hours in a row! Heaven! I think we were wearing her out haha. Whatever it was, it stuck and she now sleeps from 7-4 or 5am. Nurses and goes back to sleep until 8 or whenever Vivi wakes her up. Which brings me to...
  • The girls share a room! Yay! It was time. For me. I needed space. I LOVE my babies to bits and pieces. But I needed a little space. Even if it was just while sleeping. And it's such a treat to be able to turn the light on in our room to find PJs each night haha. It's going well. Again, another post to come!
  • Lu is OH SO CLOSE to rolling back to front. As in, I have spent a few hours recording her attempts... and captured nothing but a baby laying on her side swinging her legs back and forth. Super entertaining haha. 
And this is the face of a baby who says, "No more photos Mommy. Please?" I'm a sucker for a big pouty lip! Uh oh!

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