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November 12, 2013

19 months

Viv is becoming such a funny, firecracker of a little girl! She is spirited and sweet, sugar and spice, and above all, super silly! There isn't much that this girl loves more than to laugh. She will do whatever it takes to get a laugh and gleefully joins in once she has us going. She is constantly saying and doing funny things!
At 19 months:
  • Viv loves being a big sister! Since the accident, Viv has been asking to hold and snuggle Lulu even more. And when Lucielle cries, she says, "It's ok, Lulu" and kisses her head. Super sweet. She has, however, shown her first signs of jealousy. When I was nursing Lulu the other day, Viv cried and said, "No! No! Mommy! Shut it!" while pulling my shirt down haha. She was fine, though, when I told her she could sit next to me and hold Lulu's hand. 
  • She also is becoming a bit bossy to Lulu. Viv loves when Lu blows bubbles. In fact, she politely requests DEMANDS, "Lulu! Bubbles now! Obey!" 
  • We are working on sharing. Right now it's a game, but in a couple months Lucielle will actually want Vivi's toys and that may not be as fun!
  • Vivienne is a really really good talker! She is saying 3-4 word sentences now. This is great for being able to tell us exactly what she wants, even if she is always CONSTANTLY talking. She still has a hard time identifying and expressing her emotions. This led to her first lay-on-the-ground-kicking-in-public temper tantrum at IKEA. Fun had by all.
  • Viv can name every Disney Princess. Her all time favorite is Cinderella. Rapunzel and Snow White are a close second and third.
  • Other than princesses, her other favorites and Minnie Mouse, monsters and dinosaurs with a big soft spot for Tebby Dares (Teddy Bears).
  • She loves to cook for us in her kitchen and read lots of books. Brown Bear, Brown Bear is her favorite.
  • Viv's favorite shape is a heart. Specifically glittery hearts that she calls "shiny heart".
  • She loves to play "peek-a-lu".
  • Viv LOVES Roxie and Baby Bear and snuggling under a blankie. Especially if she gets to watch a show like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse or Curious George. We had our first Family Movie Night this week and watched Monsters University. She loved it, but it was a little long for her tiny attention span. Not looking forward to the 4 hour flight to CA if she can't even sit still for 1 hour haha.
  • Vivienne loves Christmas. The first thing she asks for in the morning is to listen to Christmas Music. She loves to point out Christmas decorations in stores. She's going to go crazy when we decorate our home for Christmas! I love it! I told her she looked like a Christmas Elf in her outfit today and she ran excitedly to tell Papa!
  • Viv is officially taking only one nap a day. And even that is a struggle sometimes. Mostly because she is getting some monster teeth! Poor thing. Can't wait until they cut and our ornery, cranky big baby is back to normal! Please don't say we are hitting the terrible two's early! 
  • According to Viv, her favorite color is "Blue! Red!" and when she grows up she wants to be a "Princess!"
  • I'm pretty sure she can read her first word... coffee! As much as I love Starbucks, we usually don't go that often unless we are with either Grammie or Grandma. But Viv can point out every Starbucks we drive past... even if they don't have their logo showing! And she also points out Caribou Coffee and calls it "Starbucks horsie" haha. So I'm thinking she can read the word coffee haha.
  • She thinks Aunt Stacey is a celebrity and will do anything Stacey says and laughs excitedly at just the thought of her haha.
  • Viv LOVES to play with friends! She calls the Church Nursery "Have Fun" because that's what we say when we drop her off and she really does have fun.
  • Viv wants to pray all the time. We pray for family and friends constantly. We hope this isn't just an empty tradition, but that her heart is really being captivated by truth. It also reminds us to live a life of prayer! Children really are sanctifying. 
  • Viv's favorite foods are: any fruit, beans, noodles, broccoli and carrots.
  • Vivienne is obsessed with Bicycles. She want to see them all the time and yells bicycle when we see a sign for a bike lane.
  • Viv laughs when I give her a spanking, but knows that Papi means business when he disciplines her. She has also tried to give me a spanking. That's didn't work out well for her.
  • Viv's hair is getting long enough for a tiny pony tail or two itty bitty pig tails! She loves it almost as much as I do and will gladly sit still in front of the mirror while I put them in.
 We sure love this spunky little elf! Each day with her is a blessing! Even the days when I'm counting the minutes until bedtime. We love her dearly! 
Happy 19 month birthday Viv!

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