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November 6, 2013

Three Months Old

It feels good to celebrate another monthly milestone today! Little Lucielle is tangible evidence of God's  grace to us! We pretty much kiss her all the time! We kissed her all the time before the accident too though. Those cheeks just BEG to be pinched and kissed. They are delicious!

At three months:
  • Lulu is so smiley and chatty. When she has a clean diaper and a full tummy she will without a fail smile and coo! She loves to look for Vivienne. She recognizes Mommy and Papi and smiles when she sees us. It brought tears of joy in the hospital.
  • Our little chubby Lulu sure loves milk. She still eats every 2 hours during the day. 
  • Lulu is catching up to big sister's amazing sleep schedule. She sleeps from 9pm to 5 or 6am most days, eats and then falls back asleep until 9am. Occasionally she will sleep straight from 9pm to 8am which was wonderful until a few days ago when anxious Mommy wakes every couple hours to check on her baby. I understand that's normal, but we are praying for the Lord to remove any fear and anxiety in my heart.
  • Lucielle's favorite thing is bathtime. She kicks, smiles, splashes and coos throughout the whole bath. 
  • Lulu hates tummy time. Can you blame her? With cheeks like that, it must be hard to hold up her head haha. She only thinks it's ok if she can look at Mommy or Foxie.
  • Lucielle weighed just over 15lbs in the hospital. Hence the nickname: Little Chubby Lulu!
  • Lulu loves to stand and has super strong legs.
  • White noise is like her auditory pacifier and always calms her down wherever we are. 
  • She likes driving around and being carried in her wrap. Both put her to sleep instantly!
  • She is starting to hold onto things, like her bunny rattle, and she loves her "friends" that hang over her bouncy seat and Owly her stroller toy.
  • She sleeps best when swaddled, which the doctors confirmed was still ok even after the accident. But I think we are going to start to wean her from it for our own peace.
  • She apparently knows how to roll over and just had to make a big stink about it. She hasn't rolled fully since, but she definitely arches her back and throws her legs to the side like she's going to. I thought we had a couple months but little miss is determined to get mobile!
  • Lucielle wears mostly 6 month sized clothes but some 9 month shirts. Big girl!
We sure love this little girl! Even Viv asks to hug her, hold her and kiss her all the time. She's our little sweetheart and we are thankful for each and every day with her!

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