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October 8, 2013

2 months!

How is it that our little Lucielle Juniper is 2 months old! It's true that the second child grows even faster than the first! She is so stinking adorable! At her 2 months appointment, she was 24 inches long and 13 lbs 4 oz. So was in the 96% for both height and weight! Our big little one! She has the most delicious chubby cheeks!

At 2 months:
  • Lulu goes to bed between 9 and 10pm. She usually sleeps between 5-8 hrs, eats and then sleeps another 3-4. 
  • She will only sleep if swaddled with white noise.
  • She has a hard time staying awake for longer than an hour and a half. She is a sleeper! Hoping for more awake time during the day and more sleep time at night. 
  • She is super easy going. She is very content all day long. She squeaks a couple times to let us know when she is hungry or tired.
  • She does NOT like bottles or pacifiers. We are working on her taking a bottle so that Mommy can do photo shoots or go anywhere without a baby (like a date!), but so far it's a no go. We are praying she take a bottle soon.
  • She loves to suck on her hands.
  • She refused to burp after eating for the longest time. She was a big farter. Now she's finally learning it's easier and more comfortable to burp than to let her bubbles go all the way through her system to the other end.
  • She is beyond loved by her big sissy. Viv yells Lulu every time she sees her. Her first request in the morning is to see Lulu and constantly wants to "hold her", "kiss her", or "snuggle". Adorable!
  • She passes out cold every time she's in her car seat and we drive.
  • Bath time is one of her favorite activities. 
  • Staring at the black picture frames on the wall is her other favorite activity.
  • She is starting to find her voice and coo.
  • She is beginning to smile. She saves her biggest smiles for Viv.
  • She loves to be worn in her wrap.
  • She loves to match what big sister is wearing. Ok... that may be what Mommy loves :)

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