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October 12, 2013

18 months

Cutie tootie is a year and a half old! I feel like I say this every month but this is my favorite age! Vivienne is hilarious! She has quite a little personality and says the funniest things. We are pretty muc always laughing. She has quite an extensive vocabulary for her age. She is also beginning to string together words to form phrases and simple sentences. We are often shocked by the things she remembers and is able to communicate.

At 18 months, Vivienne:
  • LOVES all things Disney. Particularly Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Princesses. Brian got her a pink and purple crown from the dollar spot at Target. She loves to put it on with my fake pearl necklace and stand in front of the mirror admiring herself as she says "Cuuuute!"
  • She loves to dress up. She helps me pick out her clothes in the morning and loves to add accessories like jewelry, hats, headbands and shoes. She also requests to wear a sweater every day so we are glad the weather is getting chilly.
  • As we drive around town running errands, Viv points out her favorite places by saying, "Park. Play!", "Starbucks. Coffee!", "Target. Shopping!". 
  • She totally loves Lucielle and asks to see her, kiss her, hug her and hold her constantly. She also loves to help me burp her after a feeding and she runs to get her paci and Foxie when she cries. She's a good little Mama. But she's not always very gentle and often wants Lulu to play, which she can't yet. 
  • Her favorite toys include Roxie, Minnie & Mickey, dolly, her camera and her kitchen. She also loves to pretend to call Grammie and Grampa on her phone.
  • She still sleeps amazing at night (7-8 or 8:30am) however, she is starting to phase out her morning naps. Bummer! Its kind of been rough because two naps are too many but one nap is too few. 
  • Viv is obsessed with pumpkins! She knows every book that has them in it and also loves to play with our Autumn decorations.
  • She is super social and LOVES to go to church and "have fun" and "play with friends". She even talks about her friends at random times throughout the week. Like she remembers them! Her particular favorites (according to how often she brings them up) are Isaac, Norah, Zöe, Carson, and Ellie. So funny! I have to tell her often that we can't play with friends every day haha.
  • She knows how to get a laugh out of us and has gotten really good at it. She loves to ham it up after we've laughed to get us to laugh more.
  • She is starting to potty train! She was so interested in the potty and telling us when she had a dirty diaper so we got a little potty seat for her. She loved her "present" as soon as it came so she wanted to sit on it immediately. We gave her a book to read and she went pee pee! We thought it was a fluke until the next day she said "potty" and peed again. She has also gone poopy twice! We aren't pushing it and only put her on when she asks. Since she's on the young side, we are just letting her experiment for a bit until after the holidays.
  • She is getting so skinny as she gets taller and more active and is losing her baby fat leg roll. Sad! But Lulu is gaining more rolls by the second so fair's fair. 
  • I introduced Viv to chocolate (oops!) and now she asks for chocolate or a treat after every meal or any time she is "hummy" (hungry). Obviously she doesn't get it.
  • She asks to pray several times a day. She scrunches up her face like she's closing her eyes (without actually closing them) and folds her hands. She also loves to sing to Jesus in the car along with her Rain for Roots CD. Adorable! 
  • Hearts are her favorite shape and she thinks that stars are called Starbucks haha. 
We are so smitten with our little girl! She is growing up so fast and we pray that the Lord would captivate her little heart!

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