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June 5, 2013

30 weeks

It's been a while since my last pregnancy update! Four weeks! I would love to say that a lot has happened in the last four weeks, but to be honest, I'm mostly just growing bigger, getting slower, and feeling sorer. A few weeks ago, baby Lucielle was transverse (laying sideways). This made my hips to unbelievably sore! She kept pushing on them and stretching out. It was a very weird feeling. Then one day, she moved! It felt like heaven! My OB confirmed at my last appointment that she is now up and down. She couldn't tell if she was head down or breech, but there is still so much time until she is born that it doesn't really matter. Plus, she'll be c-section so it REALLY doesn't matter haha. I kinda think she is breech due to the way she moves, but what do I know? I've been feeling hiccups up high. She also loves to push on my right hip and stretch out her legs. Viv never did that and it feels really bizarre! Who knows?
I'm glad that I took such good notes during Vivienne's pregnancy on this blog. It's been fun to go back and compare. So far, there are so many things about Lucielle that are just like big sister! Her heart-rate is always around 150 bmp, just like Viv. She was super squirmy for the ultrasounds. And she gives me loads of Braxton Hicks contractions. So I figured that, just like with Vivienne, my uterus would measure big. At 30 weeks with Vivienne, my fundal height was 37 cm! Each cm is supposed to coordinate to how many weeks pregnant you are. So I should have been 30 cm plus or minus a couple cm. So to be 7 cm ahead was a lot! At my 29 week OB appointment with Lucielle, my OB measured my uterus, made a concerned face, and began to feel my stomach, and said, "She's a little on the big side." When I asked by how much, she said she was reluctant to say. So I guessed 36 cm. My OB was so surprised because I got it right on the button! Lucielle is measuring 7 weeks ahead, just like big sister! As I told Brian, now I feel justified in complaining to him about how big and sore I am haha. I have proof! If she continues to be like Viv, she will measure big by a few weeks right up until the end... when she'll measure nearly 9 weeks ahead! While my OB seemed slightly concerned and may order a growth scan ultrasound, I think I'm measuring big for a few reasons: we make adorably big babies (Viv was 9lbs), I have a lot of amniotic fluid, and I am short with no torso! Take those three things and add to the fact that I got pregnant when Viv was only 6 months, it's no wonder I'm measuring ahead!
 These photos were taken last weekend when Stacey and I were shooting a wedding. I totally love my job and have the best clients in the entire world, but shooting weddings while pregnant is no walk in the park. Well, technically this one was as it was an outdoor wedding in a park haha. Unfortunately, the day gradually got cooler and cooler as a storm moved in. We ended up spending over an hour stranded under a tent praying the rain would stop before the ceremony. It did! Yay! But it still was a long 12 hour day of standing, squatting, lifting, walking and shooting. Busy, busy day to say the least. The day following a wedding feels like you were hit by a truck! So lots of snuggles, tylenol, and a warm bath for Mommy haha. Glad we have only 2 more weddings before enjoying my maternity leave! Hard to believe that exactly 2 months from today, Lucielle will make me a new Mommy for the second time! Eeeek! Can't wait to meet her!!!

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