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June 14, 2013

14 months

My baby is 14 months old! In order to get her to sit still for some photos, I gave her a giant slice of one of her favorite treats... watermelon! She was in heaven! She so funny with her big goofy smiles! I love her dearly. It's hard to believe she's going to be a big sister soon!

At 14 months:
  • Viv has 8 teeth! It was a big month for teething. She got 3 molars and another bottom tooth. Her smile is changing and she looks so big! 
  • She is a big talker and repeater. I have a feeling she'll talk our ears off soon enough. For now, she's always babbling. She probably says 25-30 "real" words and can sign 10-15. Her first "phrase" was "big girl" and she really loves two syllable words like: tickle, wiggle, puppy, button, Roxie, baseball, outside, fishy, paci, cozy, Mommy, and Papi.
  • The pool opened this past week and Viv LOVES it!!! She says "oh wow!" every time we walk up. She loves the water slide, and splash pad the best. She also loves to jump off the edge (from sitting) into our arms when we say 3...2....1... JUMP!
  • She has no interest in walking... much to this 8 month preggo Mama's dismay :( She will walk if we hold her hand, and sometimes will stand on her own, but hasn't taken more than a step or two at a time in the past couple months. Ugh! Really hoping she takes off before Lulu comes!
  • She loves dogs. Like LOVES them! She will spot them from a mile away and yell "Puppy!" and start panting like a dog. 
  • She loves sleeping! She sleeps 12-14 hrs a night and still takes 2 naps a day. About an hour in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes, she will skip her morning nap, but thats usually because she's slept in past 9:30am and it's hard to squeeze a nap in before lunch haha. She's like a teenager!
  • She eats... and eats... and EATS! She regularly eats more than her preggo Mama. Her favorites are: blueberries, watermelon, peas, cheese and anything with garlic haha.
  • She is obsessed with b abies and loves to point them out. Whether it's pointing to my belly, to a picture of herself or a baby on the diaper box. She gets so excited! "Baby" is the first word she says to me when I get her up in the morning. She also kisses my belly before she gets out of her crib. I hope she actually likes having a baby sister around!
  • She's a big climber (but won't walk?!?!) and climbs stairs, onto the couch and up onto any chair, and onto her rocking horse.
  • She loves "buttons" and wants to turn on/off every light switch, and hit the lock button on the car.
  • She's incredibly social and says yells hi to everyone. She also loves to play with other kids. They sometimes get intimidated with how close she gets to them, but she's just so excited haha. She will cry for about 8.2 seconds when we drop her off at the church nursery and then we hear her say "Ooooo!" as she spots some kiddos to play with haha.

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