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May 6, 2013

It's here!

I almost hate to be as presumptuous as to say that it seems like Spring and warm weather are officially here considering the past few weeks! This year, Spring has come unusually late. We've had snow the past EIGHT months! It's been rough. We are sooooo vitamin D deficient! I mean, it snowed just days ago! Brian and I went to a drive-in movie with friends two days ago and it was only 37 degrees!

So when our whiny, cranky teething baby saw then sunshine, heard the "tweet tweets" chirping, and kept pointing to window and signing "please", I knew we needed a little pick me up to our day. And what better pick me up than a little backwards picnic outside. What is a backwards picnic? Simple... dessert first! And the treat of the day was a pineapple popsicle! Second course was another favorite of hers, Mac & Cheese, applesauce, and peas. Third course was licking rocks and tasting grass. Ew!
Brain Freeze!
 This is her "I love Nom Nom" face haha. This kid sure loves food!
 Learning to use a spoon. Far less efficient, so she usually will only try for a bite or two before going back to shoving fistfuls of food in her mouth.
 "What do you mean, 'no, no'? Rocks are yummy!"
Vivienne was so inspired and energized by the sun (and probably by the sugar from the popsicle) that she learned how to go from kneeling to standing. She has been able to stand for a couple months as long as she doesn't realize she's doing it. Today, she was doing it intentionally and surprised me with her balance by dancing, clapping and squatting to pick up her sticks! She took her first couple steps last weekend with Papi while I was shooting a wedding. I missed it! I've seen her do it once or twice since, but this is the first we've been able to capture on video! Please ignore my annoying "mom voice". No matter how much you say you won't be "that mom" when you are kid-less, you will talk in that excited, high pitched voice when your baby surprises you with new skills!

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