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May 14, 2013

13 months

Our little Chickadee turned 13 months old on Mother's Day. She is so fun! She seems to be learning something new every day! She is saying so many words, signing so many signs, and starting to take her first steps! Viv took her first steps a couple weeks ago while I was shooting a wedding. I was so sad, but at least it was only two steps. She showed me the next day. We thought she'd really start taking off, but she seems a little hesitant and uninterested in walking. On Mother's Day she took about 6 steps! Maybe she's getting closer? She also loves to stand while dancing and clapping.

She is quite the mimic in both words and actions. She is beginning to repeat after us pretty clearly and picks up on sign language really easily. She can sign: more, Jesus, again, milk, help, all done, juice, please, and milk.

She can say: hot, balloon, ball, mommy, daddy, tickle, hi, help, up, down, all done, juice, up, out, cute, blueberry, me, baby, Lulu and no.

She LOVES to do animal noises and her favorites are: lion, dinosaur, monkey, seal, puppy, duck and elephant.

She has three teeth and her fourth is oh so close! She loves to say hi to EVERYONE she sees... sometimes to the point of embarrassing Mommy and Papi as she says it over and OVER and gets louder and LOUDER even when people say hi back haha.

She LOVES other kids and actually plays with them. I feel like we need to do daily play dates haha.

She is her happiest when outside and signs "please" while looking out the window several times a day.

She is an excellent sleeper still. She usually sleeps 12-13 hours a night. Takes a 1.5 hour morning nap and a 2 hr afternoon nap.

She LOVES food and eats more than I expected a toddler to eat! Her favorites by far are: blueberries, peas, pizza, cheese, noodles, beets, strawberries, and bananas.

Since we are passed the 12 months, I'm not going to do photos in the red chair with the V anymore. I'll try to get a photo or two of her to post each month, but the posed ones won't go over as well now that she is soooo active!

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