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April 22, 2013

Baby Bird is a...

Let me start from the beginning. I know we said that we didn't want to find out the gender of Baby Bird again. Well, at our 18 weeks ultrasound, the OB found an echogenic bowel on Baby Bird. This could mean many things, or nothing, which you can read more about here. Our OB suggested another ultrasound in four weeks to see if the bowel was still echogenic. After much discussion, Brian and I decided that we would like to be able to pray for Baby Bird by name if the bowel was still echogenic. Here came the tricky part. Brian was in Florida for a conference when we had the next ultrasound. If the bowel was still echogenic, I was to have the ultrasound tech write boy/girl on a card and seal it in an envelope so we could find out together. Then we realized that Vivienne's first birthday party was two days after the ultrasound so we decided to do a gender reveal at her party since all our family and friends (minus my poor dad) would be in one place for the big celebration!

I've seen lots of cake gender reveals with the frosting on the inside being pink or blue based on the gender, but I thought it would be fun to do a box of balloons since Vivi's party was balloon themed. The morning of the party, my mom and I went to Party City to get our box filled with balloons. I brought the envelope and we explained our situation to the guy working. It was hilarious to try to explain that we wanted to buy either pink or blue balloons based on what the ultrasound pic in the envelope said and how we didn't know and wanted it to be a big surprise. He got really into it with us and was extra careful with every detail. So awesome!

At Vivienne's party, we had everyone guess if they thought Baby Bird was Crosby or Lucielle by wearing a bow on their shirts like a bowtie or in the hair like a bow. Grandma Dina did an AWESOME job making the bows!
Just after noon on April 13th, we were ready to open the box in front of everyone! We FaceTimed my dad so he would get to see it live as well. We opened the box to find out that Baby Bird is a...

GIRL!!! Lucielle Juniper Johnson! So exciting! As you can see, Brian is wearing a bowtie and I'm wearing a bow. I won! it felt good to be "right" about my hunch for this baby unlike last time when I was CONVINCED Viv was a boy haha. Poor Viv had no idea what was going on, but I just know that her and Lucielle will be best buds. Especially since they will be so close in age.
I can't help but see two little cuties in matching outfits! In fact, just after the party, Brian took Viv home for a nap while my Mom, Stacey and I found Vivi and Lulu's first coordinating pink polka dot outfits!
I am in awe that the Lord would bless us with another sweet daughter! Now comes the hard part of waiting! Last time, as soon as I knew it was a girl, I got to meet Vivienne! Now I have to wait 3.5 more months before I get to meet Lucielle. Bummer! But it's so sweetly different to feel her kick and squirm and know who she is! It's also adorable to ask Viv where Baby Lu is and have her point to my belly. She also says "hi" and waves to my belly, kisses and hugs Baby Lu too. I know she doesn't quite get it and it may rock her world, but I can't wait for August 5th! We are praying for sweet baby Lucielle!

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