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April 18, 2013

Birthday Girl!

We have a ONE YEAR OLD! That is crazy! According to my niece, last week Vivienne was zero, and now she is one. A year ago our lives changed forever when we became parents to the sweetest, silliest, most social baby girl! The Lord really blessed us when he gave us her!
Even though she won't remember her birthday, or really have any idea what made that day different, we wanted to make it special. My mom was staying with us, so on her birthday (4/12/12), we all blew up a half dozen polka dot balloons and went in her room first thing singing "Happy Birthday" and tossed the balloons into her crib. She was so confused and excited haha. We'd been singing "Happy Birthday" to her all week so she would recognize the song. We must have done a good job because she danced and sang along "day day day". So cute! She does the same when we sing "This is the day that the Lord has made" each morning. Once she was changed and dressed, we let her crawl out her bedroom to find more balloons and her gifts in the hall! Not sure I've ever seen her crawl that quickly! She made sure to say "hi" to each balloon before checking out the gifts. She got a cart push toy to help with walking, a vintage fischer price camera, and some books. Then she had her favorite breakfast: blueberry waffles, over easy eggs and strawberries. We played with her new toys before her morning nap.
After her nap, we met up with Grammie's best friend, Caryl, and Aunt Stacey for lunch at Bachmann's cafe. Viv loved smelling the fresh flowers, saying hi to everyone in the cafe, and having a couple bites of Mommy's almond croissant. Then home again for another nap while Mommy and Grammie did some last minute crafting for her Birthday Party the next day.
We went out for Vivienne's birthday dinner. To her delight, the restaurant was packed and she made so many friends with all tables around us. We practiced coloring eating crayons. The servers sang "Happy Birthday" to her and gave her a sundae, which was a big hit. She signed please between each bite. At home she got a quick scrub down in the bath tub. Then she was snuggled up in pjs all cozy in our arms as we prayed a prayer of thankfulness for this past year and of blessing for many more to come. 
Vivienne Ruth, I didn't know I could love some one so small, so much! We are blessed to be your parents! We pray that the Lord will bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you. Love you, my little Lovie!

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