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February 2, 2013

First Birthday as a Mommy!

February 1 began my last year in my 20s! It was my first birthday as a mommy and my second birthday in a row being pregnant! Brian planned a whole day for us. But the day started a little crazy when Viv woke up at 4 am with a fever of 103.4! Poor baby. She had a fever on and off for the past couple days, but that was the highest! So she ended up sleeping in until 9am and Brian fed her breakfast while I got to take a long extended shower! Such a luxury these days haha. Brian surprised me and arranged for his Mom and her husband to come and bring us breakfast and then even bigger surprise, they were taking Viv with them for the night! It was the first night that Vivienne was away from both Brian AND me. I always thought I'd be the calm, relaxed mom who had no problems letting her baby go to Grandma's for the night, but the first time was harder than I anticipated. Partially because I knew she was a little sick, and partially because it was a surprise so I had to quickly pack a bag and write down Vivi notes on naps and feeding. We took a picture of me and my babies on my birthday. Vivi in my arms and a little Baby Bird bump below.
Once she was gone, I was fine. We went to grab coffee and then headed to see a matinee of Les Mis. It was really good. I'm honestly shocked that I didn't cry. Not once! Not even close! Normally, I would. And you'd think that now that I'm pregnant, my hormones would go crazy, but nothing! I think pregnancy makes me less emotional. Brian doesn't mind haha.

When we left the theater, it was snowing! A special birthday gift that I specifically prayed for. I love snow! And God loves me! So we decided to grab Chinese take-out and we snuggled at home and watched the snow fall.  Brian told me my birthday gift was a trip to CA with Viv in a couple weeks. So excited! Warm weather here we come!

It was a very relaxing birthday. While it was weird to not be thinking about naps, meals, baths and entertaining a wiggle worm, it was kinda fun too! And I especially loved sleeping in this morning! Much thanks to hubs for a sweet birthday together! I love you dearly :)

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