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February 12, 2013

10 months old!

This little monkey is in the double digits! Happy ten month birthday, cutie! Even though she has had a cold/runny nose for about 3 weeks, she is still so smiley and giggley these days. When she wakes up in the morning, she plays for about 30 mins in her crib with her baby doll or her book. She talks and laughs. It's adorable. When Brian or I finally open the door to get her up, she screams in delight! Talk about a wonderfully heart warming way to start your day! I need to get it on video!

She is getting increasingly hard to photograph sitting in the red chair. I have to have Brian spot her because she lunges off easy. In fact, yesterday she hit her chin on the coffee table then fell back and hit her head on the ground. Lots of tears, but no injuries. Then, last night, she face planted off a bed while a friend was watching her. Again, lots of tears but no injuries other than a red bump. I have a feeling she's going to be a bruiser!

At 10 months, Vivienne loves:
  • Kissing: She probably gives my cheek 20 wet slobbery kisses a day. She kisses Brian too, but not as often because she doesn't like his facial hair. She makes such a funny face after kissing him.
  • Finger foods: if she can pick it up, she'll eat it! Her favorites are meat (she's her fathers daughter for sure!), peas, blueberries, crackers, beans, cheese, clementines and she nearly hyperventilates in joy when she sees watermelon! Yes, I know watermelon isn't really in season, but it's a preggo craving that Viv also benefits from haha.
  • Being on the move: She is never content to sit still anymore! She crawls from place to place and pulls up to stand when she gets there. If she is distracted enough, she will even stand on her own for a few seconds! But once she realizes she's not holding on to anything, she sits down. It's only a matter of time until she's standing, walking and soon running!
  • Other kids: Vivienne loves LOVES other kids! She kicks her legs when she is really excited and every time she sees other babies or kids, I'm concerned she will dislocate her leg because she gets so excited haha. When we hang out with friends who have older kids, Vivienne crawls after them and chases them. She also tries to play with them which basically means stealing whatever they are playing with. This past week she pushed over a four year old to get to her crayons! We're working on sharing haha.
  • Waving: Viv is very friendly and loves to wave hi/bye. This is always fun when out in public because people feel super loved when a baby says hi.
  • Obeying: We've been working on obeying Mommy and Papi. When we say "no, no" and shake our head she looks at us, shakes her head too and stops whatever she was doing. Sometimes it takes a couple times and it becomes a game, but she is still learning to obey. Obviously she's not perfect at it and some things are just too tempting. Enter learning how to discipline! Ugh! 
  • Yo Gabba Gabba: Once or twice a week, Vivienne is allowed to watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba on the computer. She totally loves it! It's usually when I'm cutting her nails so she's distracted. On the special occasion that she watches while I'm not cutting her nails, she stands at the coffee table and bounces up and down dancing with all the songs. She also waves to the kids. So funny!
  • iPhones: This has been a losing battle since she was quite little. We always have our phones around so she's always grabbing at them and trying to eat them. Ugh! So, I found some fun free Fischer Price apps that Vivienne loves! Basically they teach shapes, numbers, the alphabet, and animals and their sounds. It's pretty cute and Vivienne loves to hold the iPhone while "playing". 
  • Sleeping: Yay! We are finally back to sleeping a long night! She slept 10-11 hours a night until she was 7 or 8 months old and then suddenly stopped for a couple months. Not sure what changed, but she is now sleeping 12-13 hours a night! It's bliss! Her schedule is quite predictable. Sleeps from 7:30pm - 8 or 8:30am, breakfast and playing, nap at 10am, lunch and playing, nap at 2pm, snack and playing, then dinner, bath, book and bed and it all begins again!
  • Bottles: This has always been hit or miss with her. Ever since I got pregnant she hasn't been all that interested in nursing. I think the hormones change the way it tastes and my supply also dropped. She we've been supplementing with bottles. We are down to nursing only in the morning, which was a bummer at first. But honestly, I am feeling so much better physically without nursing that I'm ok with it. 
  • Singing songs with actions and doing "tricks": She loves itsy bitsy spider, patty cake (she claps her hands), "So big" (she raises arms and says OOO... see photo below), I'm a little tea pot, Jesus loves me, and this little light of mine. We sing songs several times a day.  
  • Ice water and drinking from a straw: She will drink from sippy cups, but not like she'll drink from a straw!
  • Being where ever Mommy is: whether its the bathroom, the couch, loading the dishwasher or cooking dinner, Viv has to be in the same room. Usually pulling up to stand by holding on to my pants. I'm getting less productive, but trying to include her in whatever I'm doing. She's helped to put silverware in dishwasher and helped Mommy stir soup. My little chef!
Vivienne, how big are you? Sooooo big!

At 10 months, Vivienne hates:
  • Buggers: She even blows her nose on her sleeve when they bother her. 
  • Getting her diaper changes: she becomes an angry wiggle worm when we try to change her. I think it's because we are interrupting her play time. We discovered that she likes to play with her brush or comb while changing her.
  • Sitting in her high chair waiting patiently for a meal: When she's hungry, she wants food now! A couple cheerios usually tide her over until I'm finished getting her meal together.
  • Getting buckled in her car seat: Once she's in, she's fine. She hates feeling restrained in the beginning.

We love this kiddo dearly! So fun to see her grow up and become who the Lord created her to be! A spunky, silly, sometimes shy, sweet little doll! It will be so fun to see what these next few months have to offer before she is no longer an only child!

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