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February 28, 2013

16 weeks

Baby Bird is growing growing growing! It's hard to savor every detail of pregnancy this time around because I am busy chasing Vivienne, but every quiet moment, when I feel a little wiggle inside, I am in awe of how amazing our God is to knit life together in a my womb!

Vivienne and I spent last week in California. Hence the sunshine, oranges and wildflowers in this weeks photos! Baby Bird, Viv and I flew all by ourselves. I am glad that I won't do that again! Vivienne was great. Partially because both flights were empty and we had an entire row to ourselves. And partially because Viv has become quite the extrovert and "woo's" everyone she sees! She loves attention and has discovered that she gets the most attention by smiling, laughing and talking to strangers. After making friends with everyone around us, she did end up sleeping almost 2 hours on each flight! Must have had something to do with the hum of the engines and the gently rocking plane. It was awesome! I, however, wasn't quite as prepared for being pregnant and lugging around a baby, stroller, diaper bag, purse, suitcase and a car seat! By the time we arrived, I was definitely waddling.

We sure had a fun time in California and soaked up every last bit of Vitamin D from the sun that we could! I am so thankful to be done with the nausea and food aversions! I can even drink (decaf) coffee again. Yay! It also seems like the super bizarre  extreme pregnancy exhaustion is gone too. Now I'm just a regular tired Mama of a 10 month old who happens to also be growing a human.

What's up with Baby Bird these days? Baby now weighs in at a whopping three to five ounces, and he/she is four to five inches in length. The bones that are now in place in his/her ears means he/she can probably hear our voices! Baby is capable of making a few expressive frowns and squints, even at this early stage.

In two weeks we have our official anatomy ultrasound. Brian has been having doubts about not finding out the gender. He has a couple weeks to convince me it's worth finding out. I, for one, still think the surprise was fun and would be again! 

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