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February 28, 2013

Visiting Grammie & Papa and New Words

For my Birthday/Valentines gift, Brian flew Vivienne and I to California to spend a week with Grammie and Papa. It was so sunny and warm and fun! Viv is getting more and more mobile, so it was awesome to be able to play outside and explore so many new and fun things! Poor kid is totally going to go through so major culture shock now that we have returned to the frozen tundra. I keep telling myself that in just a couple months Vivie will be walking and it will be warm and sunny here too!

One of my favorite parts of visiting my parents is that they live so near the Orange Groves! We drive through them daily. They smell divine and are the perfect backdrop for so many photos of Viv! I'd say that both Vivienne and Grammie are good sports for my photo shoots of my baby model. When we found this vintage book called "Visiting Grandma" at their house, we knew we had to capture a few pictures!
Hubs always says that when my Mom and I get together, we chat non stop for days! He must be right, because Vivienne became such a chatty baby this week! She babbles non stop and sounds just like Boo in Monster's Inc. But more than that, she learned many real words! At 10 and a half months, Vivienne says: "uh oh", woof ("wah"), "mama", "mommy", "muah" (kisses), "ooOOoo", up ("uh"), "whoa", "wow", "no no",  daddy ("dada"), "hi", bye ("buh"), "nana" (food), "baby", and "wa wa" (water). I have a feeling that she'll be talking our ear off and asking a million questions before we know it! It was really sweet to hear Vivienne and Papi sitting in the living room this morning saying "muah" back and forth and they exchanged big wet kisses! They misses each other!

A million BAZILLION more photos of our cutie pie and our trip coming...

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