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August 20, 2012

Campamento de familia (Family Camp)

Our little family had our first family camp experience! We work with the Hispanic Ministry at church and we took several families to a camp in WI called Riverside Bible Camp. It was so fun! Vivi did super well. We left friday evening, drove for five hours (well, technically it's only four hrs away, but we got lost!) and got there late in the evening. Even though Viv was super hungry by the time we arrived, she was fairly content and slept most of the way. Even though it is August, it was freezing! Poor kiddo didn't have enough layers because Mommy didn't think it would be that cold! Plus she pooped in all three pairs of pants that I brought her! Of course she hasn't had any issues like that for a few weeks and then in the 48 hours we were gone, she went through all her clothes! Crazy baby!

It was so much fun to spend time with the hispanic families. Brian and I both got to work on our spanish. I was really impressed with how much Brian has learned since he began learning 4 months ago! He can carry a basic conversation now! Vivi loved all the hugs and snuggles she got from her new friends and is probably going to go through withdrawals from not being held all the time now that we are home. We also got to celebrate the first birthday of Viv's little friend Zoë. ¡Féliz cumpleaños!

It was also a really sweet time to get away from the craziness of home to spend time as a family and evaluate how we are doing spiritually, emotionally and physically as parents. This is a full time job and we want to make sure we are relying on the Lord for our strength. Especially now that we have begun a new job as apartment managers (so we can get free rent! Yay!), we are going to CA in a week, and moving the day we get back. Yikes!

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