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August 13, 2012

4 months!

Where is the pause button? My little baby isn't so litte anymore! I'll have more updated stats after her 4 month doctor appointment later this week (more shots!!). 

A day in the life of Vivienne: She goes to bed at 9pm and sleeps without a peep until 6 or 7am. Then she eats and usually takes a little cat nap for an hour. Once our day starts we go for a run and she loves looking around and talking to people we see, her monkey or Owly. She has discovered the full range on her voice and prefers to squeal as high pitched as possible. She dozes off the last 10 mins of our run so I get a shower in before she realizes we are back home. Then she has "second breakfast", I sing her a song or read a book and wrap her up in her blankey with her paci and sock monkey and lay her down awake. She talks for a minute or two and then falls asleep on her own and sleeps from 9-11am. When she wakes up we have play time (or errands). This is usually when we do tummy time because she normally hates it, but wakes up so happy after a nap that she doesn't mind it then. After lunch, it's time for another nap. Song. Paci. Monkey. Blankey. A quick kiss and she puts herself to sleep from 1-5 or 6pm. She takes LONG afternoon naps. She wakes up with a smile and then it's playtime in her chair with her "friends" (the animals that hang on the bar over her chair) while I make dinner. Sometimes she takes another catnap for 30-45 mins. At 8:30 it's time for the 4 B's: bath, book, boob, bed. During the bath she splashes like crazy all while giggling and squealing. She doesn't always like a book, but we try. Bedtime isn't as easy as naptime. She takes a little more parental help to fall asleep whereas at naptime we can lay her down awake and all swaddled up and she falls asleep on her own. I think we need to get her a night light so she can see her monkey to "talk" to him until she falls asleep. Either way, after some snuggles and rocking she is asleep by 9pm and we begin the cycle all over again!

Vivi is a big girl! Here is what she is up to lately:
  • She always wants to stand and be held facing out. She doesn't want to miss a thing. 
  • She is very smiley! It doesn't take much to get this kid to smile and squeal with joy! Fool proof ways include: farty noises (thanks Papi!), kissy noises, eskimo kisses, blowing raspberries on her belly, squeaking Sofie la Girafe, Owly.
  • She rolls over from back to belly. She was really proud of herself for figuring this out, but has since realized that she doesn't like to be on her belly so won't do it unless there is something really exciting nearby to grab... like a plastic bag! She likes the crinkle noise. She was closely supervised!
  • She is drooling like crazy. At first I thought it was because she has been putting everything in her mouth (sofie, fists, blanket...), but then I felt a little bump on her lower gum and now I think she might be beginning to teeth? Four months seems a bit early, but she's always seemed ahead of the curve so I guess it's possible! Plus it could take a while to actually come out.
  • She is still a super model... long and skinny! She wears newborn pants (as capris), and 3-6 month onesies are getting hard to button. So, she wears 6 months onesies, 3 month shirts and dresses, and pants? Well, they are either too short but firt her waist, or just right in length but too baggy. The outfit in these photos is 6 months!
  • We never had an antenna before and don't watch much TV but these past couple weeks we enjoyed the Olympics and had to rig up blinders so she couldn't see the screen. The sound and moving lights are totally fascinating to her! I did let her watch like 5 mins of the opening ceremony and Gaby Douglas' gymnastics routine. She loved it! Glad to let her see a part of history! Now no more TV.
  • She has a big preference to nurse over a bottle which makes having a sitter for dates or photo shoots a little more difficult, but she also doesn't seem to freak out about being hungry and sometimes would rather wait patiently for the boob than take a bottle. I guess she knows what she wants. She's not always a stinker. It's hard to predict.
  • She is still a baldy, but it's growing! We say she has neapolitan hair: blond on top, brown in back and red twinges all over. 
  • Her eyes are still blue. At this point, I would be surprised if they turned brown. They seem awfully light. I suppose they could still go hazel or green like Grandma Dina or even stay blue like Papa Walt's!
  • She sleeps awesome in her car seat on long roat trips, but is increasingly more alert on shorter ones. This means the best time to run errands is no longer when she naps, but when she is awake! She loves Target (just like Mommy) and coo's at all the colors and lights. 
  • She loves to hug stuffed animals. Especially her sock monkey.
  • She loves to grab her Sofie teether and chews on it crazily (teething?).
  • When she is laying on her back, her feet always seem to be in the air as she grabs them.

It's so fun to see how she had grown and changed over the past four months! What a sweet little lovie! I love being her mommy and I often tear up with joy at the sweet gift our Lord has given us! We couldn't be happier. These past four months have been the best of my life!

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