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June 13, 2012

2 months

Not sure where the time has gone! How little one is growing so quickly! Where is the pause button? Vivienne is too scrumptious for words. We love her so dearly. Our tiny baby had her two month check up today so here are some recent stats. She weighs 11 lbs 10 oz. She is 24.25 inches long. Her head is 15.5 inches around. This means that she in the 98th percentile for length for age, 72nd percentile for weight for age, and 68th percentile for head. The funny thing is that, while she is in the 98th percentile for length, she is only in the 2nd percentile for weight based on her length. This means that she is an extra LONG and SKINNY baby. Which explains why 2 month old Vivie wears 3-6 month onesies with newborn shorts!

Poor Viv also had her vaccinations today. She was so sweet and happy on the way to the Doctor. She coo-ed to her owl stroller toy the whole way there. Brian and I felt so bad because she had no idea what was coming :( First they made her drink a vaccine of some sort. That's when she got mad. She didn't like us forcing her to drink something that wasn't milk, even if it meant that she got to suck on her paci to help her swallow. Then we tried to distract her as the nurse gave her a shot in her thigh. The cry Vivie let out was heartbreaking! She's never gotten hurt before so this was quite the shock to her. She did that cry where babies hod their breath and turn red and then wail. I teared up. Just as she calmed down slightly, the nurse did the last shot in her other thigh. Once the bandaids were on we got to snuggle our sad, hurt baby. She has definitely been out of sorts today. Not the chatty, smiley baby we've come to know. She had her first owies. She would even stick out her lower lip and whimper when she looked at us. This girl can work it! We are going to be in trouble! She also got her first fever today. It's pretty common with vaccinations. This means she also got her first Tylenol. She was also not a fan of us forcing more liquid that wasn't milk in her mouth. Hopefully tomorrow she will feel back to normal and I'll write a blog post all about all the fun adorable things she has loved and hated during her second month.

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