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June 16, 2012

Splish Splash

There are a lot of firsts that happen in Baby's first year of life. And since Vivie is our first baby, all these firsts seems even more fun and obvious! Brian has Friday's as his day off. So we have decided to have Family Fun Friday's. We do something as a family that is fun. Self explanatory. I doubt that Viv has any idea that we are doing fun things since she usually sleeps through most of it, but we wanted to get in the habit early.

This week we found out that Como Park just opened their brand new water park/pool and that the admission on Friday was only $2! It was so fun! We couldn't decide if taking our two month old to a pool makes us awful parents... or awesome ones. We think AWESOME! We grabbed the stroller, diaper bag, baby pop up tent, swimsuits, towels, and bottle (it felt like we were moving in!) and walked a couple miles to the pool. Even though it was really cloudy, it was hot out so we figured V might like the water. She has the cutest little swimsuit and polka-dot hat. So after we sun-screened her up, we entered the kiddo pool. She looked confused by why the water was cool. She LOVES her warm baths, but had never felt cool water splashing on her. She never cried and just stared at the water. It was really cute. When it was nap time, we changed her out of her suit and popped up her baby travel bed tent and she took an awesome nap. I guess all the excitement tuckered her out. It was a really fun day.

"First's" that happened yesterday:
First time touching grass
First time wearing swimsuit in the water
First time wearing sunscreen
First time playing in pool
First time sleeping in pea pod baby travel bed tent (We are a big fan of this! Love it!)

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