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February 4, 2012

30 weeks

We have been calling Baby Bird "Squirmy" for a while now, but, wow, does this kid like to squirm! Every morning he/her wakes me up with wiggles, and every night Brian and I enjoy feeling the baby. We've been wondering what parts of the baby we are feeling, so at our 30 week OB appointment this week we got some answers. Baby was head down (but that could change) and we've been feeling Baby Bird's butt and knees and feet. As soon as Brian heard it was baby's butt we joked that this kid is taking after him and his baseball booty haha. The funny thing is that our Baby Doc told us to count the baby's kicks twice a day. I am supposed to lay down and see if I can feel ten movements in two hours. If I can't, I'm supposed to call. The funny part is that Brian and I can SEE ten movements in less that 30 seconds most days! And that is why we call Baby Bird "Squirmy." Doc even had a hard time finding baby's heartbeat at first because he/she wouldn't hold still! She ended up only getting about 5 seconds of heartbeat, but said it was enough to say it was holding strong around 150 bpm. Another thing we discovered at our 30 week OB appointment is that Baby Bird is still a giant baby. The doc measured my uterus and the number of centimeters is supposed to correlate to the number of weeks we are pregnant (plus or minus 4 centimeters). I am 30 weeks pregnant and my uterus measured 37! This means that either I have extra amniotic fluid (no big deal) or that Baby Bird is a giant! My uterus has been measuring a few weeks big each appointment, but this was the biggest yet! I have another appointment in 2 weeks and if I am still measuring big (which is quite likely) then we will schedule an ultrasound to do a growth scan to find out exactly how big Baby Bird is. While I'm not excited at the possibility of having a large baby (especially after reading this article!), I am a excited to possibly get to see Baby Bird on an ultrasound again!

As for me, I am feeling pretty good. I am starting to slow down and get a bit more tired. This is probably because sleeping has become more difficult. It's hard to get comfortable so I toss and turn and when I finally do fall asleep, I wake up a couple hours later with a painfully full bladder. This cycles 2-3 times a night. I'm actually starting to wonder if I'll get more sleep with a newborn than while pregnant! When I do sleep, I literally dream about orange juice! I can't get enough citrus. Oranges, orange juice, cereal and soup are my big cravings these days. I'm glad to say nothing makes me feel sick. I also have permanent cankles. It doesn't matter how long Brian rubs my feet, how long I sit with them elevated, or how much water I drink, my ankles are swollen. Doc says it's normal and I just have to get used to it and wear comfy shoes. Bring on the slippers! 
(L) Baby Bird is set with his/her baseball fan clothes for the summer! Maybe he/she can wear them to some games?!? (R) Brian playing his favorite game: "I wonder which part of the baby this is moving now?"

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