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February 11, 2012

31 weeks

Brian and I have our first baby shower coming up in a few weeks, so this week has been all about putting the finishing touches on our amazon.com baby registry. It's been a work in progress for the last few months. Mostly because there are so many options for every little thing! It was pretty overwhelming at first. I mean, as a first time mom, I had no idea what we need! Not that I really know what we need now, but I have been asking other mom's for advice and I think that we have narrowed down all the options haha. We also have a registry at target.com, but amazon.com has the majority of the baby items.

This week my "nesting" instinct has hit full force, much to Brian's dismay as I have forced his help. We have been prepping the apartment for our new tiny resident. Our apartment has always been a bit on the cramped side. We love that it has two bedrooms, but squeezing two bedrooms into 620 sq ft makes for small spaces. So we are trying to purge a majority of our things in order to have more space for baby. This week we went through our closets and dresser and ended up giving a few garbage bags of stuff to goodwill. We also went through our many, many books, took some to goodwill and put others into boxes for storage that we won't be "needing" for the next couple years, but aren't ready to give up quite yet. Now we have a couple rows in the book shelf for baby books and toys. Since it was almost 50 deg the other day (!) we even cleaned out the car to make room for a stroller and car seat! We feel so grown-up haha. We are making progress slowing, but surely. I am just hoping that Baby Bird is cozy enough where he/she is right now so that we can get prepared because right now, it looks like a BOMB went off!

I'm still feeling pretty good. The Braxton Hicks contractions have picked up the past few days. I've been having them for a couple months now and they aren't painful, but they are for sure uncomfortable. My doctor told me to call in if I am having more that five/hour. This seems to happen almost every day. I don't want to be annoying an call in all the time, but I also don't know when to ignore them and when it's serious. So basically I am drinking a million gallons of water in case I'm dehydrated, I take lots of warm baths, and try to walk or lay down. Sometimes these help, sometimes they don't. All I know is that it's exhausting! I'm hoping that this isn't a sign that Baby Bird want to come early. Brian seems to think that maybe our due date is off because my uterus is measuring so big and I have so many contractions. But what do we know? We've never done this before!
 (L) Jack Frost came to visit one night (R) We STILL have no snow! This has been a really abnormal winter! But I'm glad to not have to worry about slipping on ice or driving in snow!
(L) Brian's mom for us this book. Brian calls in the "Eat poop book". It's been a really helpful "common sense" guide to the first year of baby. I read the first 100 pages the night we got it! It's fun to picture doing it all with Baby Bird! (L) Spring cleaning, aka "nesting" by cleaning our our car, Cortie.
 (L) A picture of me that my nephew drew. The squiggly is Baby Bird in my tummy! (R) A tiny little hat I knit for baby. It fits in the palm of my hand!

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