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December 22, 2011

24 weeks

We've made it to California for Christmas. It's been really fun to spend time with my parents. This is the first and only time that my Dad has seen my baby bump! Next time we see him, we will have a little baby! Wow! The flight wasn't so bad, but I'm definitely feeling a bit big and uncomfortable for airplane seats. We also flew in to L.A. at 11pm (which feels like 1am to us) and then drove the 1.5 hrs to my parents home. It was exhausting! We went to church the next morning and saw dad giving announcements in the service. He was excited to "meet the baby" after the service. Mom and Stacey and I have had lots of (decaf) coffee dates and Christmas shopping excursions while Brian and Dad play golf. We've been enjoying fresh squeezed orange juice in the mornings and walks with views of snow covered mountains! It's been so great to have warm weather, sunshine, and fresh air! We even had the chance to go to Disneyland! It was so much fun. We went with some good long-time family friends. It was crazy to think that this is our last time going to Disneyland without kids! I lasted longer than I expected being on my feet all day, but it was still difficult. My ankles were so swollen and my back ached after nearly 12 hrs at Disney. We got to go on all of the kiddo rides and go into the shops that we normally skip over on the way to roller-coasters. Brian was really cute and came up with the idea of  buying Baby Bird a stuffed Mickey in remembrance of his/her first trip to Disneyland. He's going to be a great Papi! After Disneyland, we had dinner at In-n-Out! Soooooo good! Too bad we don't have those in Mn because I foresee some cravings in the coming months. We have also gotten to spend some time with our friends Tim & Stephenny and their boys Solomon and Delano. They are so much fun! They gave us a really sweet gift for Baby Bird- some grey and yellow jammies and Baby Birds first Bible! It's an awesome Bible too because it goes through the whole Bible and says how it all points back to Jesus Christ. We are so excited to read it to Baby Bird!

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