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December 16, 2011

23 weeks

Today we had an appointment at the baby doctor. We went in a week early because we will be leaving this weekend for Christmas in Ca! Everything is great with Baby Bird. In fact, apparently my belly is measuring a few weeks BIGGER than it "should" for my due date. This means that Baby Bird is basically... a GIANT! My OB casually mentioned that I should pay extra close attention when reading books or taking classes about labor to the subject of a C-section because it is a possibility if Baby Bird is still a big kid as I near the end of pregnancy! Whoa! Not quite sure why our baby is so big since I'm only 5'1". It must be Brian's fault haha. The OB did say that it's nothing to worry about and that Baby Bird could have just gone through a crazy growth spurt the past few weeks and it will taper off in the next few months. Which would definitely explain the aches as my tummy has been expanding! I've also had my first Braxton Hicks contractions this week.

Baby Bird is a funny baby already. Our ultrasound tech was the first to mention this, and I'm realizing more and more how true it is. Baby Bird is very particular about his/her space. This means lots of kicking and pushing when I wear pants or skirts with any sort of waistband and also when I rest my hands or arm on my expanding belly. He/she also likes to "hang out" in my belly where ever he/she wants. This usually means as low as possible. And let me tell you, those kicks feel really strange! Lately, he/she has been curling up in a little ball on the lower right side of my belly. I'm told that Baby Bird still has plenty of room to move around, but I guess he/she really has a mind of his/her own. Baby Bird also likes to kick in response to Brian's voice. Whenever Brian gets close and talks to my belly, Baby Bird will kick him in the face. It's so funny and cute! He really loves to "pet" my belly at every chance he gets and gets such a thrill when he feels the baby kick. This really is the best season of pregnancy! The aches and pains are minimal, and Baby Bird makes his/her presence known constantly. Brian has also been so sweet and has started to rub my feet at night. He's also taken on doing the dishes and the laundry! How lucky am I?!?!
This week we took our Christmas photos. While it's not the fun snowy photos we usually take, these brown Christmas photos hold the memories of our last Christmas as a couple. Next year we will be a family!Visit my photography blog to see more pictures.
 Baby Bird's first ornament! His/her ultrasound pic!

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