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December 1, 2011

21 weeks

It's still hard to believe that we are in the second half of pregnancy! I guess it's really time to get going and make a registry, take birth classes, and visit the hospital. Baby Bird will be here before we know it! We survived our first of the two holiday travels we will make this year. We have family all over the US and we are trying to be able to visit many before Baby Bird comes and makes traveling a bit more difficult. We've been home from Colorado for three days and I already miss seeing mountains! Good thing mountains are right outside my parents home in CA as well. It will be strange to have Christmas without snow, but at least there will be snow capped mountains in the background. We are also hoping to go to Disneyland when we're down there because it will be all decorated for the Holidays. Because of this, I have started "training". I'm going to need to build up some stamina in order to stand and walk around Disneyland all day. For the most part I feel great, but I do get some pains in my right hip and my lower back gets sore the longer I stand. I've also started getting round ligament pain when I stand too quickly or sneeze. I've been feeling Baby Bird's movements for a while, but they've just felt like little flutters. Now I am starting to recognize a pattern of when Baby Bird is most active and I can definitely feel some strong kicks and punches. After dinner last night, I had a paper plate balanced on my belly. When I felt baby kick, I looked at the plate and saw it wiggle and shake! Brian and I were quite entertained by this for at least an hour. I can't wait to meet whoever is in there kicking me!
These are a couple pictures from our time in Colorado. Brian's dad and his step-mom took us to a historic hotel called The Broadmoor. They just happened to be having a white light ceremony where they lit all the trees around the hotel. It was really pretty.

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