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November 25, 2011

20 weeks - Halfway Point!

I can't believe that I'm already halfway done! It really seems like yesterday two pink lines appeared on that pregnancy test! It has probably seemed to go quickly because it took a few months to actually "feel" pregnant. Now, it's definitely obvious! I have had more strangers ask when I'm due lately. None of my "regular" clothes fit anymore except for a few yoga pants and leggings. But I can't complain because every time I feel our baby kick, my heart smiles! I wouldn't trade that feeling for having a waistline anytime soon. It's pure bliss! This week, two pesky pregnant symptoms have also appeared. Cue heartburn and hiccups. If I get too hungry or too full, I hiccup. Brian says he can't take me out in public anymore because it's embarrassing. I think he's exaggerating. It seems like everything gives me heartburn except for the things I crave: soup and beef jerky. I swear this baby might come out all brown, wrinkly and heavily seasoned like jerky!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is the best holiday to celebrate when you're pregnant! The combination of tasty food and maternity stretchy pants is perfect! Brian and I are actually in Colorado Springs celebrating with his Dad and Step-Mom. It was actually almost 70 degrees on Thanksgiving day! So we've felt pretty spoiled. The altitude took preggo me longer to get used to than normal. I spent the first day we were here feeling winded by just sitting on the couch. It made me feel pretty lame, but the OB told me it would probably happen because of the higher altitude. I have been feeling baby move from the outside over a week now, but I haven't been able to catch baby kicking in order for Brian to feel it. Well, on Thanksgiving night, baby was delightfully squirming and kicking in joy from the yummy Thanksgiving meal, so I grabbed Brian's hand and put it on my tummy. Within 30 seconds baby kicked and he felt him/her! What a neat Thanksgiving present from baby bird! 

Last week, Minnesota had the first snow of the year. Brian and I celebrated that day by having a "winter wonderland" date. We grabbed buy one get one free holiday drinks at Starbucks and went to and outdoor mall that was having a "Christmas Extravaganza". You know a true Minnesotan by the fact that they go to an outdoor mall on the first snow simply to see reindeer, get free mini donuts, see fireworks and Santa Claus, and get some good deals in stores. But it was really fun. Brian held my hand the whole time so that I wouldn't slip. This could potentially be a long winter for this off-balance preggo.

We also caved and began the Christmas season just a bit early this year. Normally, we like to wait until after Thanksgiving, but due to the snow and the fact that we're out of town for Thanksgiving, I wanted to put up our tree and decorate early so that we come home to a Christmasy home! We had Stacey over for lunch and put some Christmas vinyls on the record player, and decorated the tree.

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