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November 19, 2011

19 weeks

According to my iPhone apps, Baby Bird is technically the size of a mango this week. But finding a mango this time of year is rough! So I ended up guesstimating an approximately similar sized autumn produce instead and came up with an acorn squash. We had our official 20 week ultrasound at the OB this week (a few days early). We were just as giddy to see our baby this week as we were the first time. Our ultrasound tech was really nice and pointed out all of the important parts (except the private ones because we still want to be surprised!). Apparently our baby is pretty entertaining, even to a professional like her, because she kept laughing and saying that we are going to have our hands full. Baby Bird was squirming like crazy! At one point he/she did a full somersault and switched positions entirely! Sounds like Baby Bird will someday be challenging Brian to a back-flip contest. Baby Bird also opened his/her mouth and one point stuck out his/her tongue! The mouth was actually opening and closing for a lot of the ultrasound... just like a baby bird! Our tech also thought it was pretty funny that our baby kept his/her legs straight and stretched up beyond the head. We have a flexible gymnast swimming around in my womb. This explains all that I've been feeling from our squirmy guppy. In fact, I felt the slightest little kick from the outside the other day. Now I've been trying like crazy to get Brian to feel it, but so far no luck. We told our ultrasound tech that we wanted to be surprised about the gender of our baby, so she told us that she would tell us to look away when she got to that "area". I guess our baby was so wiggly that even though she was careful to not show us, she didn't even get a good look. So, there is still no one in the world who knows what our baby is... except God :)
Baby is about the size of a mango and according the the ultrasound, weighs 10 oz. That's almost the weight of a can of soda! All in all, I am feeling really good and super happy. I am loving the little kick reminders that there is a baby growing inside me. This is my favorite time of year. And it feels like things are finally slowing down so I can enjoy this process! So happy! As for cravings, I still would rather have red meat over anything else. Also, salty foods are awesome. Particularly Pumpkin Seeds. I'm usually a big fan of chocolate, but now anything sweet makes me feel shaky and nauseous. Basically I'm the opposite of the stereotype of pregnant women eating lots of ice-cream. I had three peanut butter M&M's this morning and I'm still feeling icky this afternoon! So needless to say, I am VERY MUCH looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner this year! Especially the turkey and stuffing. Yum! Baby Bird is going on another adventure next week as we fly to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving with Brian's dad.

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