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July 28, 2016

Jonas Paul Eyewear

Viv failed her vision test at her 4 year check-up. So we were referred to a pediatric optometrist. We went in to the appointment thinking there must have been a mistake. Surely she was just mixing up her shapes or saying she couldn't see them just because they were small not because she couldn't see them. But apparently, my baby needed glasses!

It's a strange thing to think that your kiddo was going through life thinking what she saw was normal! I felt guilty that I didn't notice that she has poor vision. I felt like I should have known. Like there should have been obvious signs. Her poor little brain was working overtime to compensate. One eye is weaker than the other but both need corrective lenses. At the optometrist, Viv picked out a pair of "Elsa blue" glasses with a pin neck strap. They are cute. Dorky cute haha. But I knew that if my sweet girl was going to need to wear glasses 24/7 it was going to be her "new face" and dorky cute blue glasses weren't going to cut it. So I did some research. Cute, trendy, and affordable kids glasses aren't easy to come by! Then a friend recommended Jonas Paul Eyewear. Jackpot!

We ordered the free home try on kit. When it came it was like Christmas! Viv has always loved sunglasses and fake glasses so it was fun to try on all 6 pairs. We landed on the Paige. They are SO CUTE! When they arrived, Viv was so proud to show them off to all her friends.

Having glasses wasn't the easiest of transitions for Vivi at first. Every time we asked if it was more clear to look through the glasses or without them, she said through them. And yet she would get frustrated while watching TV that she couldn't see or she would try to look over them when she was reading. I spend the first few days constantly evaluating her every move to see if she really needed glasses, if it was the right prescription, if it was helping. When she had a meltdown that she was "the only kid in the world who needed glasses", I totally psyched myself out about the whole process. As it turns out, she needed more than 2 days to adjust haha. Who knew?!

Now, she LOVES her glasses. She knows to put them on right away in the morning, she is suddenly really into coloring and reading books, she is careful and cautious and completely adorable! We are so thankful we found Jonas Paul Eyewear. Not only do they make fashion forward kiddos glasses, but they also help kids in need! "For every pair of Jonas Paul Eyewear kids glasses purchased, we make donations to our partners to provide corrective children's eyeglasses, mectizan treatments to prevent river blindness, and Vitamin A supplements to children and families in need!" Their mission is "To help children feel beautiful and confident in their glasses. To provide blindness prevention and sight to children in need. Eliminate children being bullied by providing fashionable glasses that children want to wear."

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