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July 26, 2016

Edith: 8 months

Edith Clementine is 8 months old! She is such a delight! A squishy delishy ball of smiles :)
At 8 months, Edith:
  • has two bottom teeth. Her two top teeth are so (painfully) close to popping through.
  • LOVES to eat. She loves to eat purees but also loves the chew some solids. Her favorite foods include: green beans, carnitas, pickles, applesauce, and Chipotle rice.
  • sleeps on her tummy with Squirrelly under her arm. She loves sleeping and sleeps 11-12 hours a night. She takes 2 naps but sometimes squeezes in a third if her afternoon nap wasn't long enough. 
  • rolls from back to stomach easily but can't roll back the other way. She is starting to reach and spin around on her tummy trying to get to the toys she wants. 
  • is super interactive. She delights in her sisters and can't wait to see them and play with them. 
  • is starting to play peek-a-boo. I'm fairly certain she actually said "boo" one time when we were playing. She has only said it once or twice, but is it possible to say your first word at 8 months???
  • loves water. Playing and splashing in the YMCA pool is her jam!
  • wears size 12-18 months clothes.
We just love this little girl! 

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