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March 19, 2016

Edith Clementine: 4 months!

Oh this little girl. Our little angel baby. As sweet and good as they come! These four months with her have flown by! Each month is more delightful than the last. It's bittersweet to leave the snuggly newborn days behind us. But her days are now filled with gummy smiles and screechy squeals. Love!

At 4 months, Edith:
  • loves to scream. Like gleeful, happy, squeals of joy! Which is accompanied by the cutest dimpled smiles. This occurs nearly every time someone makes eye contact with her haha.
  • adores her older sisters. Vivi and Lulu mostly play with each other and let Edith do her thing, but every once in a while they show her toys or make noises and Edie is delighted. 
  • is super strong! She loves to stand, holds her head up really well, enjoys tummy time, and really wants to sit up haha. 
  • is still a great sleeper, but her 4 month sleep regression is nipping at her heels. She used to sleep 11 hrs a night, but is now sleeping 9 hrs and sometimes wakes up once to eat. Still great, but not the same haha. Her naps are increasingly more consistent and she will fall asleep on her own if she is swaddled, with white noise, and her Squirrelly snuggled up close. All in all, I'm certainly not complaining!
  • loves her fingers. Her hands are always in her mouth and she is starting to suck her fingers. We've never had a thumb/finger sucker so this is new. Hope it won't be an issue to give up later.
  • won't really sleep on the go anymore. Which kinda stinks because the big girls like to go out and do stuff in the morning (library, park, Target haha). She doesn't seem overly upset that she misses that nap, so maybe it's not so bad every once in a while.
Basically, she is our little baby doll and we love her so much! Happy 4 month birthday, sweetie Edie!
 Her smiles always start crooked and from one side. Cutie!
 Big sissy Vivi was my photo assistant and helped get Edith to smile. So of course she wanted to jump in for a few photos with her beloved baby. My two blue eyed girls!

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