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March 10, 2015

19 months

Lovie Lulu is inching her way to two years old and I am begging time to slow down! Everyday she is learning new words and finding new ways to crack us up. She is our precious youngest child, a sweet little sister, and simply put... a firecracker. Lulu keeps us on our toes. Whether that be literally, as she is always causing messes or climbing dangerously or running as fast as she can. Or more because she can be a little ball of sass who smiles and snuggles one second and then throw a "fall to the ground" temper tantrum the next. She will say in her adorable little voice, "Love you, Mama!" and then a minute later crinkle her face up and yell "No!" to everything. She's a challenge, but the cutest most fun kind of challenge ever!

At 19 months:
  • Lulu is talking a lot. All the time. But we understand her about 70% of that time. Many of her words mean different things to her but sound the same to us. It's confusing to us... and frustrating to her. But she's getting better at enunciating. And I'm getting better at interpreting. Vivi probably understands her the best. Like there is some sort of secret universal baby babble. One thing is for sure... she is LOUD! Like there is no volume button on her. She is silent. Or yelling. No in between haha.
  • The best form of discipline for Lu is a time out. Spankings work, but she really does need a minute to take a deep breath as she sits facing a wall and change her attitude. Plus it's about the cutest thing ever. And she really listens when we talk about why she needed a time out. She will apologize and then give hugs and kisses. I actually almost like disciplining her because it's adorable!
  • Lulu takes a 2-3 hour naps each day and sleeps 13 hours a night. Every once in a while she will be up from 2-5am and I have yet to figure that one out. All she wants is mommy. And all she wants is to play, and kiss, and hug, and snuggle, and point out my eyes, nose, hair, cheeks, and teeth. All I want to do is sleep.
  • She is really interested in the potty. She wants to sit on it every time Vivi goes. She tells me when she went "poopy". And loves to play with Viv's undies.
  • Lulu has obeyed Vivienne's "demand" and she loves Anna more than Elsa (Frozen). Viv declared a looooong time ago that she was Elsa and Lulu was Anna. And it worked haha. Lu loves to point out Anna when she sees her or hears her singing inthe soundtrack.
  • Viv also declared her favorite color to be pink and Lulu's to be purple. Again, the power of persuasion! Lulu knows purple things are hers and pink things are Viv's haha.
  • Foxie and Blankey are the best source of comfort and favorite toy.
  • She is in a BIG Mommy's Girl phase... and makes sure everyone knows it.
  • She shrugs her shoulders and does a sheepish grin when people talk to her and tell her she's cute. Like she's shy haha.
  • She LOVES to be outside. Whether it be warm or cold. 
  • Lulu's favorite animals are bunnies, foxes, elephants, birds and puppies (from a far haha).
  • Lu's favorite foods are broccoli, cereal, cheese, berries, and pistachios.
  • She loves to run (zoooom!) and climb and jump. Basically, anything dangerous haha. But she's actually pretty careful and seems to (sorta) know her limitations. That being said, she is constantly tripping, so we call her "tumbleweed".
  • She has the most adorable curls in back. I refuse to trim them because I am afraid they are only baby curls and may not stay!
  • Vivi and Lulu truly are best friends and are nearly inseparable at home. I love watching them play! Especially now that Lulu understands how to play pretend and follows Viv's lead. This morning they played ice-cream shop and used colored pencils as ice-cream cones. Vivi asked Lu what flavor she wanted and Lu said "chocolate" and pretended to eat it. Proud Mama moment haha.
  • Lulu loves books and seeing pictures on mommy's phone, but can not sit still for a movie or show unless she's about to fall asleep.
  • She loves really soft gentle tickles. Specifically on her arms and belly. 
  • She can't get enough of being nakey. She wants to run around in only a diaper all the time. I literally have to hold her down and wrestle clothes on her unless I show her they have polkadots, or it's twins with Vivi's clothes or if she can wear a tutu.
  • Dancing. There is always dancing in our house. Lulu knows where the radio is in our basement, can turn it on, and bust a move with the best of them.

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