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January 18, 2015

17 Months

Whoops! Looks like the last couple months have flown by! I forgot to do a 16 month post. Lucielle has really grown up and become so fun! She is a firecracker with strong opinions who is fiercely independent and loves to make people laugh.
At 17 months:
  • Lu loves big sissy. She follows her around and they are beginning to play together.
  • She is starting to show her independence about food. She used to eat any and everything we put in front of her. Now she licks every new food we feed her to make sure she likes it before she "commits" to eating it haha. He favorites lately are soup, grapefruit, bananas, black olives and apples with peanut butter.
  • Foxie is her beloved toy. Blankey is a comfort. And a baby-doll or ball or balloon would be her plaything of choice. 
  • She is super chatty... but not all real words. She a baby babbler. She is starting to put together phrases like "here you go" "sissy, where are you?" and "love you!". She probably says about 30 words. And to be honest, they are mostly words that we understand but no one else would haha.
  • She loves to remind us to pray before each meal. It's so cute! She puts her hands together and says and signs "help" because the sign for help is similar to folding your hands to pray. 
  • She has two decibels. Loud and LOUDER! She pretty much yells everything. Especially if she's happy haha.
  • We've nicknamed her "tumbleweed" because she's ALWAYS falling over. I think she has a bruise on her forehead at all times. She hasn't quite figured out how to put her hands out to stop a fall. And she runs full speed with her belly sticking out.
  • She loves to be tickled softly on her back or belly. It's one of the few times she will actually sit still.
  • The only other time she will sit still is for a book. 
  • She's mastered going up and down the stairs so we no longer have baby gates up. Yay!
  • She makes the funniest facial expressions. My favorite is her crinkled frown when she tried to mimic us winking at her.
  • She is a fearless little daredevil. She loves to climb and go down slides and go sledding. She, however, is TERRIFIED of being upside down haha.
  • She LOVES LOVES LOVES playing in the snow. She's a Minnesota baby for sure!
  • She is still a great sleeper but two naps has become too many, but one nap isn't quite enough. We've started a "two day without a morning nap and then a day without one" routine. It seems to help. On the days that she takes only one nap it is a little over 3 hours long and she sleeps from 7pm to 8am. Heaven!
  • She has 13 teeth and her other 3 eye teeth are days away from breaking through the gums. 
  • Lulu loves other babies, but hates when Mommy holds them. Which is a total bummer because I think every single one of my friends either just had a baby in the past month, or announced their pregnancy. So I've got lots of opportunity to snuggle newborns if my lovie Lulu would let me haha.
  • It may seem like a silly milestone, but she sat still enough to watch most of her first movie the other day... Frozen. She's seen bits and pieces of movies here and there but she has a really short attention span and loves to be busy. But, just like big sis (and every little girl in America) something about Frozen had her captivated.
Brian built a little "slide" for sledding in our back yard. It has been a big hit with the girls!
We had some fun this weekend during the really warm (37 degree haha) weather. After some sledding, we had a little snowball fight. My poor baby was an innocent bystander until Papa got a little off target and she took some snow to the face. I've got to admit, it was pretty funny. She was a good sport about it and still LOVED playing in the snow after I brushed it off her.

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