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November 22, 2014

15 months

Lulu is 15 months old! Actually she was a few weeks ago but I'm so behind! Last minute, Brian let the girls and I fly to California to visit my parents. It was a really fun trip! So that's one reason her monthly post is late :)

At 15 months:
  • Lulu is becoming our little firecracker. She has an opinion about everything and lets us know in various shrieks and squeals!
  • She is learning new words and signs all the time. They are too many to count! Some of my favorites are "What's that?" and putting her finger to her mouth and saying "shhhhh!"
  • She is silly and loves to run! Especially if it's away from where we want her. Specifically anytime I ask her to come here so I can change her diaper. She gets a twinkle in her eye, giggles, and takes of running.
  • She LOVES food, but on her own terms. She will lick each bite I feed her before she takes a bite just to make sure it's the right temperature and flavor haha. Olives are one of her favorite foods. Along with mac and cheese, rice, clementines, and anything in a pouch like applesauce.
  • She is obsessed with balls and balloons. Like OBSESSED!
  • Foxie and her blankey will cure all that ails.
  • We seem to be beyond the putting things in her mouth stage... except for paper and crayons. For some reason, she still love to take a bite of those, spit it out and then bite again and again haha.
  • She loves to make animal noises. Specifically dinosaurs, lions, and bears... because they growl!

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