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October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

I don't love Halloween. I think it's fun to pray dress-up, but that happens several times a day in our house. I like candy, but I sure don't need it. But let me tell you, seeing this holiday through the eyes of a very very very excited two year old is enough to make Halloween rise in the list of my favorite holidays. I mean...*sigh*... my girls are just too cute!

We started our day eating oatmeal and ghost bananas. Basically pinterest.com told me to cut a banana in half and use raisins for eyes and a mouth. The girls loved them and gobbled them up! Not that they need much convincing to enjoy a banana and raisins, but it was fun.

We also carved our first pumpkins today. The girls picked out pumpkins a couple weeks back. They have been gracing our front steps as Autumn decor because I was afraid of the squirrels eating them if we carved them too early. So we waited until today. It was so fun! At first, Vivi was a little upset that I was hurting the pumpkin when I was cutting haha. I told her that the pumpkin wanted to become a jack-o-lantern and that seemed to convince her. What was impossible to convince the girls was to touch the pumpkin insides. It was more of a watch mommy do the icky stuff kind of activity. Although, I'm sure they'll enjoy the seeds tomorrow now that I've roasted them!
We met up with some sweet friends for a cheap boo-rito at Chipotle for those who dressed up. Brian wore his FedEx uniform with his Halloween addition of growing a creepy mustache. I wore Viv's super hero dress-up cape. Viv called me Super Mommy. I laughed sarcastically at the thought haha. We grabbed the boo-ritos and headed home to eat. Then we bundled up the kiddies and headed out into our new neighborhood. Viv LOVED rining door bells and saying "Trick-or-Treat!" And every time she said "Thank you. Happy Halloween!", my heart melted. It was so cute! After each house she said, "Let's do that AGAIN!" She probably would have gone forever! But the temp was getting below the freezing point, Lulu wanted to walk but kept tripping in the dark, and they girls had filled their little pumpkins with more candy than 2 year olds should ever eat. We went home and warmed up with hot cocoa and fun conversations. It was a good night. A really good fun night. Thanks to our sweet friends for joining us in the FUN!

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