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October 14, 2014

2 1/2 and 14 months!

It's been a while since I did a Vivienne post. She is now two and a half! She's basically a kid! As opposed to a toddler. She is kind, inquisitive, and the sweetest little firecracker. She says the funniest things and I'm constantly laughing. She is very loyal, has the most incredible memory, and is fiercely independent. She wants to do everything herself and sometimes has a hard time with the natural limitations of only being 2.5 years old. It can be difficult to not be able to tie her own shoes, or reach a light switch, or figure out which way undies go on. Vivi has always been a very verbal baby, but it's been really fun to hear her go from repeating vocabulary and phrases, to coming up with her own sentences and thoughts and stories. Listening to her pretend is one of the most hilarious things! Tonight at dinner she made a birthday cake for Roxie out of a sliced pickle, a layer of ham, another sliced pickle, and decorated it all with peas. Then she sang the Happy Birthday song. She is sweetly protective of baby sissy Lulu and is often begging Lu to hold her hand, to dance with her, or asking her for a hug and kiss as she whispers "I love you sweetheart!" *melt* They have their moments, as any siblings do. Sometimes they want the same toy, or they're in each others space, or Lulu is talking to her when Viv doesn't want her to haha. So we often ask Jesus to help us be kind and gracious. Viv is quite the girlie girl. She loves to play dress up, have dance parties, wear pretend make-up (chapstick), have tea parties, and most of all, play princesses! She knows all of the Disney princesses and I have found her more than once explaining each one to Lulu. Her favorite princesses are Elsa and Ariel. She is our crazy extrovert who loves to get out of the house each day whether to simply run errands or go to the park or library. She especially loves play dates with friends.

And sweet Lucielle turned into a toddler over night! She is now 14 months old. While she is still the squishiest, she is easing out of her "Little Chubby Lulu" phase *tear*. Her cheeks are still deliciously kissable and her thighs have more rolls than a bakery, but she is thinning out quickly.

At 14 months, Lulu:
  • can walk! Two weeks after learning to crawl, she decided to walk! She had taken some "unintentional" steps (aka, accidentally stumbling forward before falling), but at the library once again, she began to walk on purpose! We'd been spending a lot of time at the library because our apartment was filled to boxes before the move. She is now walking exclusively! Crawling didn't last long haha.
  • can say: uh-oh, Mama, Papa, ball, boo, Foxie, jump, dance, tickle, baby, bubbles, balloon, eyes, keys, cheese, and juice.
  • can sign: please, milk, help
  • has strong opinions about things: aka tantrums have begun. Ugh!
  • eats everything! From curry, to raw onions, to Mommy's hot tea. She loves it all!
  • is sleeping 12 hours a night, 2 hours morning nap, and 1.5 hour afternoon nap.
  • loves to pretend to talk on the phone, flip the pages of books, and snuggle stuffed animals. Foxie is still her favorite toy.
  • has 12 teeth. 
  • wears 18 months to 2T sized clothes.
  • loves the new house. I think she just wanted more space to move about because the day we moved in was when she decided she'd walk exclusively. Luckily, she seems to know her own limitations and isn't too interested in the stairs. She'd prefer me to carry her. 
  • puts everything in her mouth. She especially loves to chew on paper, small rocks, or leaves. Ugh!
  • is our snuggle bug! She will often, for no reason, put her head down on our chest or Viv's shoulder and sigh with content.
  • can usually be found wherever Vivi is. 
 These two have a very sweet friendship. I pray they always are this close!

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