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August 25, 2014

Casa De Fruta

Last month, the girls and I made a trip to California to see Grammie and Grampa. It was sooooo fun! We were sad that Papa couldn't make the journey with us, but we enjoyed ourselves just the same. I have never flown standby (a super fun perk of Brian's Fed Ex job!). I have never flown alone with two babies. It went better than I feared... but worse than I hoped. Nothing major. Just lots of tears, and sweating, and both babies ending up on my lap while attempting to keep the big one from kicking the seat ahead and the little one from pinching the lady next to us. Phew! The actual flight not so fun. The trip as a whole? Worth the not fun flight haha. And soooo fun to see Grammie after being apart for 4 months! It's amazing how much the girls changed since she last saw them!

We flew into LAX which is actually an hour and a half from my parents home. I really wanted to go up to Northern, Ca to visit extended family and introduce them to little Lucielle. So when Mom picked us up, we just kept driving. The girls did so great on the road trip! Granted, they woke up at 4am in order to catch the first flight to LA, but they fell asleep in the car before we even made it out of the airport! AND they slept for a couple hours! That meant we got a lot of the trip done without toddler potty stops or stretching legs stops or food stops (there's a lot of stopping when roadtripping with babies!) One of these stops was at a fun orchard called Casa de Fruta. There were a couple cute shops, loads of fresh/dried fruits and veggies, a playground, train, and candy shop. Basically, the perfect rest stop! The girls enjoyed a quick 30 min break from being strapped in car seats.
I think we made it to my Grandma's house just before dinnertime. Which meant a 16 hour travel day for my sweet girls. I was so proud of them! After meeting my Aunt and Uncle and Grandma for dinner, we headed back to my Grandma's house where the girls crashed hard and we all enjoyed an amazing nights rest.

More CA adventure posts to come...

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