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April 12, 2014

8 Months

Little Lucielle is 8 months old! She is growing and changing so much! In the last 2 weeks that Grammie has been visiting, even she has noticed a change in Lulu. She has always been a sweet, docile, little observer, but now add chatty, determined and snugly to the mix and you've got a fun and funny little 8 month old on your hands!
This past months:
  • Lulu has gotten two teeth! Yay! She's a decent teether... LOTS of drool, a couple extra sleepy days and sleepless nights and chewing on EVERYTHING! 
  • Lulu LOVES food! Nursing, bananas, cheese, crackers and pretty much anything pureed is her favorite. 
  • Lulu went swimming for the first time. This is easily her favorite activity! She goes nuts in the bath, so I kinda figured she'd like it, but oh man did she love it! She kicked and squealed in her little floaty boat so much that she took a 3.5 hour nap that afternoon! Guess we'll be spending as much of our summer in the water as possible! Viv loves it too. Now... how do I do a pool with two littles on my own???
  • Lulu is still kinda hit or miss on sleeping. She is a fantastic and regular napper. Night sleeping can range anywhere from sleeping 12-13 hours straight to waking up 2-3 times a night. Ugh! Guess it's time to sleep train. Any tips for sleep training when siblings share a room?
  • Lulu's favorite toy is her Foxie. A close second is anything that Vivi is holding. She isn't at all mobile in the crawl/scoot category, but she will LUNGE and contort her body however she can in order to get the toy that Viv has. Cue sibling rivalry. Her other favorite "toy" is a silicone straw. Strange!
  • Lulu is a "silent giant" most of the time, but when she has something to say... it's loud! And squealy! And adorable!
  • Lulu is beginning to show signs of separation anxiety. Which basically means there is ALWAYS a child (or two) either in my arms or on my lap. I absolutely don't wish these days away because they are already moving too quickly, but I would like to use the bathroom alone every now and again. 
  • Lulu has the best cheeks! I know this isn't new... but it's still true!
  • Lulu gives giant slobbery kisses that both gross you out and melt your heart!
  • Lulu will laugh to loudest at Viv. She watches her from afar. She listens to anything Viv says. She puts up with Viv's "doting on her" because she loves the attention. Basically, they are best buds!
  • Lulu desperately wants to play with the TV remote, iPhone, laptop and anything else electronic.
  • Lulu is learning to drink from a straw and LOVES cold water. 
  • Lulu will sleep anywhere quite easily. I simply turn on some white noise, give her a blankey and Foxie (if I have them) and she'll turn her head to the side and fall asleep. Even in her crib! It's amazingly simple and I don't know how it happened! Such a blessing!
  • Lulu has nearly outgrown her car seat! Yikes! Guess our tax return will be going toward a new one.
  • Lulu may be a Mama's girl right now but she stares at Papa until he looks at her and then grins and flaps her arms in glee. Waaaayyyy too cute!
  • Lulu has no interest in crawling. She has A LOT of interest in the toys/books that are too far away to reach, but would rather grunt and groan and whine until we give in and move them closer so she can reach. But I can't really blame her... that's a lot of cheek to lug around!
 This little girl has captured our heart! We are so smitten! She a brown-eyed beauty with deliciously kissable cheeks and a sweet disposition. Golly we love her!

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