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March 9, 2014

7 Months!

Lucielle is our big little girl! We love her so dearly! It's funny how much she still seems like a little baby, but we got pregnant with Lulu when Viv was this age! I LOVE having the girls close in age but I am soooo thankful that if/when we have baby #3, there will be more of an age gap. Crossing 7 months without being pregnant feels like a major milestone haha.

At 7 months, Lucielle loves:
  • to sit up! She like to play with her ball, owlie, or other toys and watch Viv run around like a little tornado.
  • her favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe. She gnaws on her until she is soaking wet!
  • solids. Especially applesauce. She is learning to chew and really likes practicing on Puffs but her favorite food by far is tiny bits of bananas that she mashes with her tongue and gums.
  • sleeping in her car seat. It doesn't matter where we go or for how long, she will pass out in her carseat haha.
  • Foxie. They snuggle together every time she's in her crib. She may whine for a second after I lay her down, then I give her Foxie and she hugs him, rubs him across her face, and rolls to her side and falls asleep. She is so quick at falling asleep, it's become normal for her to fall asleep while I kiss Viv good night and pray with her. 
  • toes. She loves to hold on to her feet.
  • gentle soft tickles. When we tickle her back or tummy, she won't move a muscle for fear we may stop!
  • when Viv says, "Roar!" Like, she REAALLYY likes this! Viv is the best at making Lu laugh!
  • bathtime. She is a splash monkey!
  • Viv. This goes without saying, but Viv is her favorite person. She lights up when Viv comes around and loves all the attention... even if it's getting sat on haha.
  • sipping water from a straw.

At 7 months, Lucielle doesn't quite like:
  • pooping. Solids have made her poop... well, solid!
  • sleep training. She has slept 11-12 hours many times. So we know she can do it. But more often than not she is up once or twice and I would feed her and she'd fall right back asleep. It worked for a while, but this is one tired Mama and I need a full nights sleep! And I know she certainly doesn't need the food haha. So last night we did our first time training her that she can sleep all night. She went to bed at 7 and when she woke up at 10pm (I guarantee she didn't need food then haha!), Brian when in and said "No, no! Night, night!" and gave her a kiss. She cried and he went back in 5 mins later. Then she cried on and off and he went back in 10 mins later. Then she fussed a bit and fell asleep and slept 13 hours! Lets hope tonight goes just as well!
  • tummy time. Sometimes she will sleep on her tummy, but all in all she really isn't a fan. Even when Viv lays next to her and says, "Do tummy time like this, Lulu!"
  • teething. I "think" her bottom teeth are coming in. She's constantly drooling and chewing. And is sometimes fussy. I remember the first teeth taking FOREVER with Viv, so maybe this is the beginning?

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