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February 7, 2014

6 months!

"Little" Lucielle is half a year old! Such a big little lady! It is an absolute fact the time goes by more quickly with your second child. She is at such a fun and curious age. At 6 months, Lulu's favorite things are:
  • Vivienne. She watches Viv. Smiles and Viv. And only Viv can get the big giggles from Lu. This also makes Lulu a tough girl since big sister isn't the most gentle. We have found Lucielle laying quietly while Vivienne is sitting on her... or drawing on her face with a ball point pen... or quietly taking a push from Viv who says "ready, set, go!" before she shoves Lulu over from sitting. She takes it like a champ. It's all worth it to have a little attention from her favorite person haha. Best buds!
  • Food. Specifically milk. Especially in the middle of the night. She is usually up once between 3-5 for a midnight snack. She is eating some solids with us at dinner and her favorites include applesauce and bananas. 
  • Sophie the Giraffe. The taste. The squeak. It's a big hit.
  • Snuggling. She's our content, cozy little bug.
  • Mommy. She has a preference and will let you know with a high HIGH pitched squeal and a pout if she doesn't want you to hold her.
  • Alone time. She seems to be introverted and doesn't thrive on large groups like sister does. She also prefers to lay quietly in her bed with Foxie as she slowly falls asleep and slowly wakes up from naps.
  • Foxie. We've got another stuffed animal lover!
  • Kisses. She loves to receive them on her giant cheeks and give the juiciest more slobber filled ones in return.
  • Tickles. She giggles with the playful ones and sits completely still with the gentle, soft ones.
  • Cold. A Minnesota baby. She enjoys a quick blast of cold air as we go from a building to the car. It's been too cold to actually play outside, although I think she'd like it! 
  • Baths. Splashing and laughing with Viv as they now bathe together.
  • Sharing a room. Lulu sleeps best if Viv is in the room sleeping too. 

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